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Orange Vespa Huskyteer

Lube Job

I submitted a writeup of the James Bond-themed scooter ride I led back in July to Twist & Go magazine, in which I've been trying to get published for an age. The editor decided to make my piece the inaugural winner of the new 'Rockin Rides' feature, in which the best reader-submitted account of the issue wins a package of goodies from Rock Oil (two litres of four-stroke oil, a hoodie, hat, T-shirt, pen and a plethora of stickers).

Or, as my flatmate atommickbrane put it, "You won some lubricants for best ride".

Rockin' Ride


Woo — congratulations! And it sounds like you're likely to use the prize, too!

(Though you may have a lube job, I know people who've had rim jobs…)
And there I thought that was going to be a link to some alloy wheels :)

The oil will be useful, not sure about some of the other stuff. The package contained not one but two baseball caps, so my flatmate and I put them on backwards and pretended to be Kevin and Perry.
Like so many, I shan't forget the website they once had to promote employment opportunities, before apparently thinking better of it: httpx://rim.jobs.

I was so disappointed. ^_^

Edited at 2013-10-19 11:12 pm (UTC)
Oh, very nice!

("Burn after Reading"? Is this a SE-only product, then?)
In order to avoid Met Office disinfo, I've taken to multiple sources - much more difficult to infiltrate simultaneously. (On the iPad, my go-to weather app is WeatherPro (there's a separate iPhone version). It's not free, but £4/year seems reasonable, and the forecast quality is generally good, with an information-rich UI. Very useful in planning whether or not to go rabbiteering for the last hour or so of daylight, even if the changeability sometimes means it comes down to looking at the visible satellite imagery, and gauging for myself whether the claimed sun will appear, or remain as elusive as David Cameron's sense of compassion for people earning under a million.

Any chance of a modestly higher resolution version? The print's a bit small, and I'm enjoying the read otherwise. ^_^
I will see what my scanner comes up with - that was the res it decided on in its wisdom. I am impressed that people made the effort to read it!

My boyfriend is much more into following the weather forecast than I am - I will pass this info on!
That's brilliant. Can you create some kind of interest-combining spreadsheet, and always write on at least two passions, and eventually tie them all into some kind of hyper-fascinating master-plot?
I like this idea - it might bring more furries into the world of karate...
Neat, congrats on getting it published!

"You won some lubricants for best ride".

My flatmate also looked at the hoodie and said "You can't wear that! It says 'lubricants' on!" I assured her it was perfectly OK in the context!
Indeed. :) Not that there's really anything wrong with any kind of lubricant; it's not as if sex is a bad thing after all, quite the opposite.