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Orange Vespa Huskyteer

Bon Mot

While I was on my way home last night, a car driver did something mildly stupid and annoying in front of me (I know, I know, stop the presses). The response that sprang to my lips?

"Oh, you MOLLUSC!"

Nope, I have no idea either.

I reported the incident on Twitter, and the following dialogue occurred:
Better than clamming up and saying nothing.
Why, I should slug you for that one!
I don't think you've got the mussels for it.


Oh, that's a good one!
Actually, given the number of epithets which are in some way racist, sexist, or health-ist[*], mollusc is a remarkably satisfying word to say without offending anyone.

[*] is there a word for this? I'm thinking of names which imply someone is suffering from some sort of physical or mental health issue. I was going to write disablist, but I'm not sure that's right either.

Edited at 2013-10-04 12:36 pm (UTC)
[*] is there a word for this?

"Ableist" is the one I see the most.
Small, slimy and beset by crabs?
Channeling Dougal from Magic Roundabout, presumably? "You stupid mollusc!", Dougal told Brian the snail...

Oh, I can just hear him saying that!
You may have made anemone there.
It was a bit of a cockle-up...
I love your twitter feed! :-)
I am indeed blessed in my Twitter pals!
If you want to avoid such incidents, you could use public transport.
With an Oyster card.
Now sea hare, I won't put up with that kind of talk!
GROAN! (but thanks for sharing it!) :)
Captain Haddock would be proud. And happy to elaborate. =:)

One of my favorite insults of that kind remains but a single word, from The City of Lost Children. The actor involved (and, of course, the language) evoked the intended sentiment perfectly in saying merely "légume": at about 17m20 here. (Reminds me, I really need to buy a copy. Again.. picked it up on LD, but that's back in the Bay =:P)
I imagine Haddock coming out with a long and complicated taxonomy ending in 'bivalves!'