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Six Sixes

I had a lovely day yesterday, even though it was a Monday and I went to work. I received cards, coffee, aeroplane clocks and a stuffed Scottie, as well as many good wishes delivered by text, LJ and Twitter. In the evening I hit the pub, where I was joined by a fine selection of furry/scooter/school/university/work friends. Most of them hadn't previously met, but conversations about motorcycling, computer games and rats soon sprang up on all sides. That naughty jm_horse kept suggesting just one more round as the group dwindled to four (including Ultrafox, who had been the first to arrive - hardcore!), and I eventually climbed into bed with just four minutes of my birthday remaining.


Happy birthday!
Thanks, Time Twin! Same to you!
Glad you had a great day! :-)
It was a good 'un, and thanks again for the note!
No problem! :-)
If I might ask: how old are you now? I remember when you were in university!
There's a clue in the title :-)
I remember when I was at university too! Scary, isn't it? :) I'm 36 and a day.
I remember starting university... in October '77.
A very good year!
Belated happy birthday!
Thank you!
Glad it was a good one! Sorry I couldn't be there although I am looking forward to looking over the Vulcan with you!
Yes, when I'm home from cat sitting I will check the calendar!