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2-Way Wrist iMac

Mounting the Lion

A couple of weeks ago, my faithful eight-and-a-half-year-old, Tiger-rockin', last-of-the-power-PCs G5 iMac began to whinge and throw kernel panics. After trying various fixes gleaned from the internet I concluded that it was time for a new computer. (I'd been thinking about it for a while, but I kept holding off in the hope that Apple would suddenly decide to make them in pretty colours again.)

On Thursday, which is late opening, a friend with a car kindly gave me a lift to the Apple Store in Bromley, since I didn't fancy getting a bus back through Catford with a grand's worth of tech in my lap. Having a young child at home, he was thrilled to be out after work enjoying such simple pleasures as a thank-you coffee at the Krispy Kreme and a browse of the Wii section in Game.

Then we did the main purchase of the evening, and I got an 8% discount because my friend works in banking, which was £65 off. Not a bad return for my investment of a latte, a doughnut and a car park ticket, although he was horrified at this evidence of rewards for fatcats.

I'm calling it an early birthday gift to myself, which makes it twenty years since my parents presented me with a Performa for my sixteenth and sent me down the Apple path.

Multiple Apple Store dudes had assured me that I could transfer all my documents, settings and programmes to the new beast using Migration Assistant. Are you sure? I said. I'm running Tiger on a PowerPC iMac, I said. It'll be fine, they all said.

It bloody wasn't, of course. Turns out you can migrate from Tiger to Lion, or from Leopard to Mountain Lion, but not from Tiger to Mountain Lion. THANKS APPLE. Long and tedious story short: I transferred everything through local filesharing, and with a little help from various Mac forums have now managed to get all my mailboxes, contacts, Keychain and those few applications which will still work on an Intel Mac into the right boxes. So that was my weekend (along with, ahem, nearly 12 hours of Professor Layton and the Curious Village, which is what I bought in Game on Thursday).

With all my data safe, I can relax and enjoy the shiny. And shiny it is: fast, quiet, with a beautiful display 4½ inches wider than my old one. Web pages work properly. I can scroll by swiping the mouse as if it was a touchpad. Little messages pop up to tell me I've been mentioned on Twitter. These are the days of miracle and wonder!

I have named it Romy, after the mountain-lion-like character in Around the World with Willy Fog. If I get nearly nine years out of this one too, I will be very pleased.


Awwww, the Performa! I still have my 6360 with the additional 48 MG of RAM sitting at mom and dad's. I want to bring it home, hook it up and see how "slow" it is compared to this Spewlett-Crapard I have.

Besides, it's the only comp I have with an internal floppy drive, and I have all these DISKS I don't know what to do with. XD

Congrats on the new Mac!
Thanks! I haven't turned the oldster on for a few years. I wonder if it still will?
Wait, what? O.o
Which bit? The discount? I was surprised too, but not about to start questioning it...
*points to icon* I was just having fun playing with the post title. ;)

Ha! The things I miss when I read comments on an iPad *squints at tiny icon*
I'm not entirely sure whether being alerted when mentioned on Twitter is a good idea or not! But I'm glad it all worked out (in the end) and that your newer-and-shinier Mac seems to be bedding in nicely. =:)

I got an 8% discount because my friend works in banking

How does that work? Are Apple particularly keen to have their computers owned by the friends of people who work in banking, or what?
Cheers! Not quite sure - the store guy was keen to give us a discount, and neither of us worked in education, which was his first try. My friend works for the bank that does Apple's banking, hence discount. He didn't have to prove it nor be the one paying (nor be my partner). All a bit odd!
Yeah I was actually elgable for the education discount just for working for a UK uni, and boy was that a discount! For a 13" MacBook Pro 2011 with a added 750GB hard disk I think I recall paying something like £850 to about £900 when the Apple asking price normally was £1,100 possibly more.

My only regret at the time was not asking for a upgrade to 8GB ram since 4GB alone tends to choke with Mountain lion. It's something I hope they correct with the coming Mavericks is memory usage.
The new Macs are flashy, but I refuse to buy a new computer that doesn't have an internal optical drive. It's ridiculous that you now need a peripheral device to simply watch a DVD on a Mac, or burn a CD in iTunes. Thin is cool, yeah, but style is no substitute for built-in functionality IMO.
What!? It didn't even occur to me to ask where the CDs go :(((
Not even the new Mac Pros have an optical drive. (And they used to have TWO!) I can understand why a super-portable like the MacBook Air wouldn't have one, but a desktop Mac? Ludicrous.

Mind you, I remember being put out because my original iMac was too cool to have a floppy drive and I had to buy an external one...
All Macs should not only have an optical drive, but it should be a Blu-ray superdrive, to boot! You can watch a Blu-ray movie on a PC, but not on a Mac, even if you have an external Blu-ray RW like I do. But now you can't even watch a DVD on a new Mac, never mind a Blu-ray. Unless you buy the external DVD superdrive, of course.
As a PC/MAC owner I have this to say about Blu-ray drives.


All my experiences with PC based Blu-ray drives have been gut wrenchingly BAD!

The first was on my previous Acer laptop, a very good well built laptop and I mostly bought it for the blu-Ray drive at the time. However the drive turned out to be MURDER on the battery. My Mac get's about near 7 hours battery time even now two years on and if I am being conservative with the system. My old acer's battery was near DEAD within 18months and even when it was working well I only got an hour and a half of off the wall running time, most of that was down to the blu-ray that the system had as well.

Oh and then the drive bricked it's self after 6 months of use, because for some reason it couldn't update it's software. Yes Blu-Rays NEED to have updated software in order to just run, or run features on new disks.

Then I had my second drive that I got for my PC gaming rig. For what that was worth I could have flushed the £55 I spent on it down the toilet. It was broken from day one and a lot of the software needed for it was highly priority and all but VCL player (which isn't very good) costs.

Did I also mention that they are dammed slow to boot? Yeah well they are. On top of that they ONLY real advantage is actually just playing blu-ray disk movies. Oh there and are Blu-Ray RW's but for what that's worth an external hard disk would be cheaper and all round better as a storage solution, more so if you can afford a RAID setup.

I know that I might just have had a very bad run of luck with the tech and others might have faired better, but generally I've found PC Blu-Ray to be very poor quality stuff, and for the most part I don't blame Apple for wanting to stay clear of it.
I have a Matshita external USB2.0 Blu-ray drive, and it's working perfectly thus far, writing at full 6x speed. Sorry you've had such rotten luck with yours.
Actually as someone who has only been using a Mac for the last 2 years I'll be fair and say that beyond playing the occasional DVD the optical drive hasn't been of that much use. Considering the problem that Mac's used to have with physical media (hard to get hold of and dammed costly when it did show up) the digital download factor has actually been welcome.

It also helped that I already had a ton of games for mac thanks to steam licencing.

That said my optical drives are hardly getting that much use in my gaming PC. As it was I installed Assassins Creed off disk back in Jan, and I removed that disk for Medal of Honour warfighter in MAY. That game got removed three months later. It's only use now seems to be playing any old legacy games from my back collection, as most stuff now even on disk comes with a download copy via steam or origin.
I still rely exclusively on local disk backups for all my data. And streaming large amounts of data isn't really practical when you're limited to a 3 mbit connection like I am.
I watched a DVD on my old Mac once in 8 years, and that was because I wanted Naked Gun screenshots to make these icons :) But I do burn CDs a fair bit.
I use an external HDD for time machine backups. It was actually the Macbook's original factory HDD as the Apple reseller that I bought the system from gave me it along with the system on purchase. That reminds me I need to do that soon since I am really tardy when it comes to system back ups.

That said if your an Apple user you are just going to have to get used to this as Apple are doing the same thing to optical media as they did to the floppy disk in the late 90's. I don't mind though as it's actually made the world of Mac more accessible (cheaper more abundant software). Though I see the problem for users with slow connections.

There is still the super drive, or maybe even third party drives if needs utterly must though.
I have named it Romy

I bet you love it so much!

You score a point for giving me an earworm, but it is not an unwelcome one by virtue of its lack of Norwegian vulpine content. Ring-a-ding-ding ding-ding-ding-ding etc.
Ha, I certainly do! I may have sung a bit of 'Round, all around the world' in the shower earlier.

Is this the 'what does the fox say' thing that Twitter is alive with atm? Now I'm not in the office I could actually look it up!

One and the same. I think it's fun, but anything that tends to reduce itself to two lines of earworm risks starting to go from great to grate.
Found it now! Rather charming, I thought.
Great! Now I have that theme-tune stuck in my head too. Mind you, it's one of my all-time favourites and always has been so it's not so bad!
It is damn catchy!
"These are the days of miracle and wonder!"

This is the long-distance call!

Not a bad birthday present to yourself, there!
Sometimes nobody else is gonna treat you so you have to treat yourself...