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Monocle Husky


At ConFuzzled 2013, I gave a talk on writing for anthologies. One of the attendees was the lovely jm_horse of [adjective][species], a website which takes a thoughtful and often tongue in cheek look at the furry fandom. JM asked me if I'd like to write a guest post for the website based on my talk, and I accepted with pleasure.

It took me a while to get around to it, but JM was happy with what I'd produced and it was posted on the site last night. It's obviously aimed at a furry audience, but should be of interest to anyone who's wondered about getting short stories published.

Submissive Roles: Writing for Furry Anthologies
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A very good read! In particular, nice and clear without rambling around. (This is a skill I admire from afar!)
Thank you! In turn I admire those who are able to spin things out a little more; I always have trouble hitting minimum word counts (not that there was one in this case).
Very cool, my friend.... so proud of all that you are accomplishing! I am so excited that when you hit it super big (and I know you WILL!), that I will be proud to be able to say that "I knew you when..". ;)

You will get a mention in at least one of my books!