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Enforced Fun

Last night was the evening decided on for my team to have a post-work bonding experience consisting of rounders in Hyde Park followed by drinking. We all complained about it like mad, of course, but in fact it was very jolly.

It quickly became apparent that some of us knew all the rules, while some, like me, had vague recollections from school, and some had watched a couple of baseball movies. A natural leader emerged and divided us into teams so nobody had to be picked last, and my side went out to field.

I suddenly remembered that when I was in the under-elevens team at school (a position I held more for my boundless energy and enthusiasm than any actual ability) I had been Third Post, so I trotted off to bagsy it (we were using shoes and carrier bags). I got to high-five the Ecommerce Director, with whom I've otherwise exchanged maybe four words this month, when our combined efforts succeeded in getting someone out, so there's something to be said for the team bonding notion.

I was always a better fielder than batter but I did on this occasion hit the ball, which immediately put me ahead of many of my colleagues, and made it safely home in three goes, scoring half a rounder which for a long time was all my team had. We lost 3-7 in the end, and all retired amicably to drink cans of beer and boxes of wine, as well as consume several large pizzas ordered to the park by the Ecommerce Director['s secretary]. I headed for home around a quarter to eight in a confused enough condition to miss Canada Water and have to backtrack a stop. Others continued the party elsewhere, and I think everyone's quite glad it's Friday today.

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