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If you couldn't give a monkey's about web design, feel free to skip to the Fun Fact at the end

My boss and I visited the RNIB today for preliminary discussions about making our site accessible.

For a consultation fee of £100 an hour we kind of thought they might have looked at more than two pages of our site, and maybe actually had a computer in the briefing room. But it was an interesting session that gave us some good pointers - in particular, that it would be nice if we could replace our current graphical menu bar with a text version using CSS. (I've been recommending that ever since I started work here, and I don't charge for my services.) We also got to check out our site through JAWS, the speaking browser. This is kinda fun, if you like the idea of having a Stephen Hawking emulator in your home.

I strongly approve of the extensive use of CSS to enhance accessibility, as it means raw-code HTML monkeys such as myself won't be WYSIWYGed out of the market for a few years yet. I'm also keen to grab any experience and training in accessibility issues I can get, because it will certainly be a hot interview question in years to come (hey, just because I like my current job doesn't mean I shouldn't be thinking about the next one).

Fun fact: The lifts at the RNIB won't close if someone is standing right next to the doors. This is so the guide dogs' tails don't get caught.

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