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Pertwee bike

Late With The News

I am so out of touch with The Fandom that it was my mum who informed me on Saturday that Peter Capaldi had been tipped as the next Doctor, and also explained who he was ('one of the young guys in Local Hero') when I blanked on him. I was riding back from Dorset when the official announcement was made, and learned the news from LiveJournal, with strange_complex beating loganberrybunny to the punch by two places on my Friends list.

Predictably enough, I am delighted to see a return to silverfox territory after a succession of increasingly baby-faced Doctors, impressive though Matt Smith's performance was. Silver! Fox!


I'm also pleased they've gone older again.
Capaldi was wandering all over the telly when I was a teen, being dishy and ethereal in Neverwhere and The Crow Road. My peers had a collective enthusiasm for him.
I was quite mystified trying to work out why I knew Capaldi's face until someone reminded me he was the Angel Islington in Neverwhere!
I've only read the book but I can just imagine him in the role!
He seems an excellent choice, and he's got just the right streak of mischief. I just hope he keeps the swearing to a minimum. ;)
He could do it in Gallifreyan and he'd probably get away with it.

Actually, scratch that: some Whovian somewhere would know. =:P
True... "Get in that floobadeboom TARDIS or I'll skroob your dingbobbits." I've no doubt they'd still suss it.
The Doctor could skroob my dingbobbits any time, frankly.
I'm saying nuffink. ;)
Oh, for the days when we all learnt of these things in the first instance from LiveJournal! I'm pretty sure that's how I found out about David Tennant taking over.
Me too, probably third hand from you after you got it from someone else!
Personally, I reckon Lenny Henry would make superb Doctor: an imposing presence, serious-acting credentials and a background in comedy that could give him the Tom-Baker-like edge.
Probably turned it down.
Like this, you mean?
I love Peter Capaldi, and I love that they are doing a grownup.
Heh, yes!
He reminds me of #3 - but with that facial hair, he'd have made a better Master than a Doctor. XD XD XD XD
Yes, I can picture him as a bad guy too. Look forward to seeing what he does with it!
This makes me feel better about my increasing collection of grey hairs, cheers! ;-)
I think the only safe prediction is that his portrayal will have not even the tiniest hint of a microscopic smidgen of a soupcon of Malcolm Tucker. Because I suspect one of his motivations to taking the gig was to emphatically leave Tucker behind.

Which is a pity, because I like a thoroughly pissed-off Doctor. The happy-go-lucky, eccentric, cheerful-chappie Doctors tend to grate on me after a while.

But perhaps he can do a decent pissed-off but without the coproglossia, we'll see.
He wouldn't be the first Doctor to pull off one completely different well-loved character after another (followed, perhaps, by another).
I look forward to seeing a silver fox back in the role. I became stupidly fond of Matt Smith, despite his youth, but Capaldi could definitely be interesting. I loved Local Hero when I saw it back in 1983-4, and have ordered a lightly-used DVD of it so I can see it again knowing who Capaldi is. I also intend to finally watch The Hour; he was in S2, and I know someone who was saddened by its cancellation, so I kind of owe it to her just to check it out. :-)
Ooh, I think my flatmate has some of The Hour knocking around; will check it out!