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Orange Vespa Huskyteer

Slovenia - Croatia 14/07: Home Again

Our steward restored our sleeper to its former configuration and brought us breakfast of bread rolls with jam and paté. Unsure of the procedure once the train stopped at our destination, we found ourselves turfed off it in short order and standing in a confused huddle with the rest of the passengers. Then a railway worker handed everyone a hi-viz waistcoat (she laughed because I was already wearing one, but still had to put the regulation railway version on top) and we walked along the line to reclaim our vehicles.

I successfully rode my bike off the train by the simple expedient of not wearing my helmet, which gave me several extra inches of clearance. It was very odd riding along a station platform in a line of cars and bikes, but the system seemed to work. We returned our hi-viz, loaded the bikes, and set off.

We had blithely assumed that having navigated across eastern Europe, finding our way back to Calais would be a doddle. In fact we got lost exiting the station and lost again in 'sHertogenbosch, ending up on a country road which, while charming, was clearly not about to turn into a motorway.

Once pointed in the right direction by the lead driver of a classic car rally, we made rapid progress across Holland and Belgium. We arrived in ample time to make the Chunnel crossing we'd booked, and rolled off the train in Folkstone to late-afternoon sun. Howard and I parted at the M20/M26 junction, and the holiday was officially over.

Until the Motorail piqued my interest, Slovenia wasn't somewhere I'd considered as a holiday destination, although I'd heard good things about Croatia. But it was a wonderful trip, filled with great roads, amazing scenery and starchy food. Howard's appetite was so whetted he has talked about a future trip to Romania. That seems a little ambitious to me, but we'll see. And next time, I will ride my own bike both on and off the train...

274 miles
Trip total: 2823

Driving the sub Slovenian mountains
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Ok, so just exactly what contraption are you sitting in the cockpit of there?
It's the midget spy sub again!
Ah! Nautical and lacking windows; makes sense now. ;)
Brilliant! Thank you so much for this whole series which I have enjoyed thoroughly. Delighted that you had such a good time!
Thank you, and I'm glad! I do it as much for my own future reference as anything else, so it's a huge bonus when other people enjoy it too.
Fantastic! I've loved reading these reports. It's been a very valuable vicarious voyage. =:D
Thanks for coming along :)

edit: thank you iPad for making me look ungrammatical :(

Edited at 2013-08-04 01:15 pm (UTC)
I've really been enjoying these posts, although likely not as much as you enjoyed your holiday. :) Thanks for sharing them!

Hah, and I guess it really is true that people always get lost on the last leg of their journey!
Yes, just when you're tired and frazzled and want to go home! Thanks for reading :)
but still had to put the regulation railway version on top

Evidently to make you double as safe. =:)

Yay, motorail! It's been several years since we last did that. Really quite a cool way to shift across France quickly, though one can easily make the case one ought refrain from such curtailment. ^_^
I heard horror stories about the French ones some years ago (vehicles damaged in transit, uncomfortable accommodation) but can recommend the Autoslaaptrein!