Alice Dryden (huskyteer) wrote,
Alice Dryden

Slovenia - Croatia 11/07: Coffee in Bosnia

It was now time to start heading towards home. I had a final swim then we checked out of our apartment, with promises to return, and retraced our route along the coast road. Back in Bosnia, we stopped for a coffee just to say we'd done it. On the other side of the border we revisited the roadside fruit juice man, returned our empty bottle and bought another. I also purchased a large jar of olives, which would turn out to be the nicest I've ever had.

At Split we turned inland, away from the holiday route and into the countryside. After a coffee break we climbed steeply to a gorgeous stretch of high, straight road, where a friendly lorry-driver flashed his headlights to warn us of the police speed trap ahead. We dropped down towards the coast again, overtaking caravans in the dappled pine woods, and eventually reached Privlaka, a small village practically in the sea, along smaller and smaller roads which, improbably, led us to a four-star hotel a literal stone's throw (from the upper storeys, with a good arm, not that I tried) from the sea.

I had picked this one strategically: I was changed and in the deliciously warm water approximately ten minutes after checking in, working up an appetite for the tuna steak and potato croquettes I ate on the terrace as the sun set.

255 miles

Coffee stop in Bosnia
Tags: bikes, hols

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