Alice Dryden (huskyteer) wrote,
Alice Dryden

Slovenia-Croatia 05/07: Olm Sweet Olm

Our two days in Logatec were more about tourism than touring, although, conveniently, there were some nice roads between us and the sites we visited.

A few years ago, loganberrybunny wrote a short story which introduced me to the olm, a neotenous pink cave-dweller. When I learned that the Postojna Caves were home to these beasties, I knew I had to go and check them out (and, if possible, buy Logan an olm postcard).

The caves were an unashamed tourist trap, with stalls selling semiprecious stones and cuddly olms. I succumbed, inevitably, to a small wooden husky, who would come home safely cocooned in my clean socks.

We bought tickets, and at the appointed hour boarded a tiny train which whisked us to the heart of the caverns. I thought this was a bit namby-pamby until we were told that we now had a 25-minute walk past the main attractions and back to the 'station' in a a high-ceilinged rock cathedral. The train itself, rattling through narrow apertures and under low roofs, was pretty hair-raising too.

No pictures of the caves, as I knew they wouldn't come out, but we saw many impressive stalactite and stalagmite formations. I pointed out the propensity of the human brain to see familiar objects in random formations, like the Man in the Moon. I thought the stalagmites looked like meerkats; Howard thought they looked like willies. The pride of the caves, and their official symbol, is equally obviously an ice cream cone - even the guide admitted it.

We admired some olms, very pink and slippery-looking in their tank, then the train reclaimed us. Afterwards we rode through a brief summer shower to the border with Croatia, then turned around and came back. Time was getting on by the time we'd showered and changed, and the restaurant I had selected for dinner was closed. In the course of our search for an alternative we found a nice little cafe serving cake and ice cream. So we had cake for dinner, because we could.

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