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This IS me (by schwitters)Default

We're Rolling

Quick update from Salzburg to say that yesterday was a very long day, but everyone ended up in the right place, on the right bikes, a mere 3 hours after we were supposed to be there.


Sweet! Good to hear you're off to a good start, and on your own bike as well.
Oh, cool beans! Great to know it got sorted out, with probably very little intimidation involved. =:)

Needless to say, photos would be warmly welcomed along the way, if time permits. ^_^
Excellent! Have a good holiday.
Yay! Greetings from about the same latitude. *wag*
Woo! On the right bikes, with the right bits inside them, one trusts? (-8

Here's hoping you can now relax and enjoy the holiday.
This is excellent news. :)