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Mallory Park

Miles of Smiles

So, remember my new bike, purchased 6 months ago with 800 miles on the clock?

This week, I took it in for its 8,000 mile service.

It would be safe to say I'm getting on with it OK. Which is lucky, because tomorrow I'm setting off for a two-week holiday in Slovenia and Croatia!

It would be nice if I could end this post here. However, after I dropped the bike off on Wednesday morning for what should have been its routine service, Chiswick Motorcycles rang to say that they had discovered a broken part. They had put in a warranty claim and ordered a replacement, which should have arrived this morning. It didn't.

They promise promise promise that the part will arrive tomorrow and they will make my service their first priority in the morning. Even if all this comes to pass, though, I was supposed to be on a Eurotunnel train at 9:50AM Saturday and in Nancy (IT IS A PLACE NOT A PERSON OK) by evening. My suggestions of alternatives (ring round other Honda dealers for a part/cannibalise a showroom bike/just put it back together and pretend you didn't notice anything wrong) have not met with enthusiasm.

I have communicated my unhappiness to the unfortunate bloke who made the phone call, and he went off to talk to his manager. I have named and shamed on Twitter, which seems to be the best way to get any sort of customer service out of anyone these days, and I anxiously await a callback. Whatever happens, even if it means leaving hours late, or a whole day late, losing hotel reservations, riding a loan bike, riding pillion, I'm sure we will manage to have a lovely holiday.

But I really thought I was leaving this kind of crap behind me when I gave up on Italian scooters after more than a decade of loyalty to the Piaggio Group.
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Bah. :/ I hope it'll be fixed first thing as promised, and that either way you'll still have a nice holiday.

If worst comes to worst, I'd say definitely go for a loan bike, BTW.
Thank you! I will think of you as I pass through Germany and Austria :)
What is the part? I mean, suspension or brakes you clearly do need sorted before heading far abroad. If it's just some retaining lug for a fairing or something trivial, however…

I sympathise enormously having had much the same problem a couple of times. The first time I learned my lesson and took my car in for servicing a week before the holiday rather than the day before.

The second time wasn't of my choosing: I'd had a brake caliper failure a few months earlier and it had been replaced. But they'd installed the wrong model of caliper, and once the pads had worn down another fraction of a millimetre the arm fell off the end of its rail. I explained to them that I was going to be leaving the country tomorrow and they'd have my travel insurance people to answer to if they didn't fix it. Also, that I would be driving on the autobahn the following week and any similar fault might kill me. The head of service visibly flinched when I pointed out that this was the kind of negligence that could cause a lawsuit large enough to bankrupt the business.

On that occasion, the problem was fixed in time. I flustered them enough that they made a special journey to collect the parts.

Fingers crossed your situation gets sorted out. And I hope once you do get going you have a wonderful time.

I'm also suddenly remembering Allo Allo. "My brother and I were born and bred in Lorraine. Yes, we were both Nancy boys."
Thanks! It's a cam chain tensioner blade - it must have been broken for ages with no obvious effects, but they absolutely refuse to just put the cover on again because they'd be liable if anything did go wrong.

I should have booked the service earlier; this was the first slot I could get, and I thought 3 days for a simple fluids/brake pads job would be fine. Fool!

Hee! I always like the autoroute signs for 'Metz Nancy', which make me think of an alcoholic old tramp :)
I didn't know you were on Twitter! *adds*

Riding to Croatia? Crikey, sounds like quite an adventure. Looking forward to hearing more in the fullness of time!
I didn't know you were!

Hoping to come back with lots of stories...the good kind.
Oh dear. I hate those sorts of calls from servicing... and I hope you manage to get something sorted for your holiday.
Thank you! I will try to give an update here but things may be rushed in the morning!
NOOO! Oh this reminds me of you having to tour around here in a CAR because your scooter let you down then. :(
I will be interested to see what your impressions of Slovakia are, what a coincidence that we both go in the same year!
I had a text from the garage this morning to say the part is in and they're working on it. But I really thought my bad luck with bikes was over when I got a Honda :(

Slovenia, not Slovakia - I think. You've got me worried now...
Oooh! I do hope you'll be posting from there, if connectivity permits. I've only been in that neck of the woods once thus far, and absolutely loved it - the Julian Alps are naturally every bit as gorgeous as their famed Swiss cousins, but with the pleasant difference of it being actually affordable to eat and drink. ^_^

By now, of course, you're hopefully there, with a somewhat satisfactory conclusion to the tale above.
Here I am! I plan to post when I get back, though - takes up too much holiday time otherwise!