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Monocle Husky

In Heat

Volume 10 of Heat, the adult, furry short story anthology from Sofawolf Press, is out in early July, and I'm chuffed to announce that I have a story in it:
In Flight Path by Huskyteer, illustrated by Anyare, a condom malfunction sends a cat and her Scottish Wildcat boyfriend on a late-night search for emergency contraceptives. And, as if their evening weren't already chaotic enough, their paths cross a late-night robbery attempt.

This story has its roots in early 2005, when I spent a night alone in a B&B near Heathrow before flying out to Sweden for a week's dogsledding. It was an odd feeling, a sort of limbo where I wasn't quite at home but wasn't quite on holiday, and I wanted to capture some of that geographical uncertainty. On top, I've added the emotional uncertainty of not being sure where a relationship is going. And a kindly elephant pharmacist. And, of course, hot het cat-on-cat action.

More details and preorder info
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Cool, congrats on getting published there!
Thanks! ^.^
Published author!
Published author!

Many Congrats :)
*sneaks in quietly, but she knows the Husky wouldn't mind anyway*


Miss you, Fuzzy Buddy!!!! *lots of cheekkisses*

ps- I still love this icon that Wolff_Slaven drew of us! :)
*bug higs*
*lots of nuzzles for wuffesses and huskysses*
So happy to hear from y'all in this celebration of publication of huskyteer's story!
Thanks, Toefuzz! And jump right in, Louvé, as long as there's enough nuzzles to go round.
Soooooo proud - yet again!

You are aweosme!!! Well done, my friend!

*lots of hugs*
Thank you - that means a lot to me. I must actually bring one of these things to show you guys!