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Volume 10 of Heat, the adult, furry short story anthology from Sofawolf Press, is out in early July, and I'm chuffed to announce that I have a story in it:
In Flight Path by Huskyteer, illustrated by Anyare, a condom malfunction sends a cat and her Scottish Wildcat boyfriend on a late-night search for emergency contraceptives. And, as if their evening weren't already chaotic enough, their paths cross a late-night robbery attempt.

This story has its roots in early 2005, when I spent a night alone in a B&B near Heathrow before flying out to Sweden for a week's dogsledding. It was an odd feeling, a sort of limbo where I wasn't quite at home but wasn't quite on holiday, and I wanted to capture some of that geographical uncertainty. On top, I've added the emotional uncertainty of not being sure where a relationship is going. And a kindly elephant pharmacist. And, of course, hot het cat-on-cat action.

More details and preorder info
Tags: furry, writing

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