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Hope's Huskies - Bunty cover

Best Story Idea

Over lunch yesterday, the Web Team was discussing the Paleo Diet. We concluded that it must be b*ll*cks as our fruit, vegetables and animals in no way resemble the ones our prehistoric ancestors would have consumed.

"They'll have to eat frozen mammoth," my boss said. So I related the story of the explorers who excavated a mammoth carcase from the Arctic ice and, when the flesh began to decompose, fed it to their sled dogs.

My boss, who has strong views on food hygiene, was horrified. "The dogs would mutate!" he protested. "They'd grow tusks!"



Saber-toothed huskies — now that sounds good. Even better, they might be saber-toothed WOOLLY huskies! :)
My coach's take on it is that if Burger King had been around in Paleolithic times, they would have eaten Burger King. Which is good for me!
Hah, yeah, that's probably true. People seem to think that paleo-/neolithic humans somehow made a conscious choice to eschew certain foodstuffs, when in reality they simply didn't have (easy) access to them.
Oops, just realised that I intended to reply to the post, not your comment :-)

I can def see the benefits of the Paleo diet, I just don't believe the justification for the choice of foodstuffs!
People also seem to overlook that emulating people who had a life expectancy of 33 years is not a sure-fire recipe for success by modern standards.

Emulating sabre-toothed wooly huskies, on the other hand…
Yeah, there is that, too.

Woolly huskies actually appear to exist — a woolly coat is caused by a recessive gene, it seems, and although they're not suitable as working dogs as a result, they are quite cute and fluffy-looking.

So we'll just have to work on the saber-teeth. :)
Tails!! My goodness.
Aren't they just too cute? ^^
Surely by now everyone knows that You shouldn't eat things thawed out of the ice ??
Now there's a film I'm never going to watch.
My first thought, when I heard about this mammoth (http://www.cnn.com/2013/05/30/world/asia/siberia-mammoth-blood-discovery) was that not only could we clone new mammoths, but we could cross-breed them.

Need a hypoallergenic mammoth? Try the MAMMOTH POODLE. Mamoodle?
> Scientists say they poked the frozen creature with a pick

Would they be Tuskies?

The thought did occur to me! Great minds etc.