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ConFuzzled 5: Dead Dogs

Since four members of the thunderbolt_b online roleplaying crew were in attendance (Ultrafox, silvante, graafen and me), I had the idea of calling a power breakfast summit on Monday morning. In retrospect 9AM may have been a foolish slot to pick, but I hadn't been to a convention before and nobody who had saw fit to correct me. Over coffee and full Englishes, we had an excellent geekout about the game and future plot developments. It was especially nice to meet Graafen, as we've been RPing together for years but had never actually met before. (Earlier in the weekend, when I didn't know who he was, he made me do a double take by addressing me as 'Lars'.)

After the yard sale, at which surplus goodies were sold off cheap (the_gneech, I picked up your delightful 2011 con T-shirt for one English pound, shortly before they sold out forever), it was time for final goodbyes with as many of my old and new friends as I could find in my circuitous journey to the car park. Hardier souls, and staff, were staying an extra night for the Dead Dog Party, but I had work the next day. My ride home took a little over two and a half hours, and was made with my new tail flapping from the back of my bike jacket.

As you will have gathered, I enjoyed my first furry convention immensely. The friendliness of the other attendees was what made it for me - everyone who knew it was my first time kept asking how it was going - along with the attention to detail: the mediaeval theme extended to the keycards for the hotel rooms, which featured badger jesters and wolf knights, and to the beer tokens, which were laser-etched wood. The hotel staff wore T-shirts with cartoon pumas on, the hotel being part of the Puma chain, and were super helpful.

It's hard to pick a favourite moment, as there were many great ones, from playing Frisbee in the sun with a real actual dog to signing my first ever autograph in a copy of Hot Dish (with an orange pen I'd brought specially). So I'm going to leave the last word to kyellgold, who, when I waved my HELLO! I'M A HUSKY badge at him, looked me in the eye and said with grave conviction "You are a husky."

Yes. Yes, I am.
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