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Doctor in the Dojo

A plug, if I may, for Dark Bunny Tees, who are releasing a series of offical Dr Who T-shirts over the course of the year.

They are all tasteful and witty, but naturally I went for this one:

I ordered it on Monday evening and it turned up yesterday. It's a lovely, soft, comfy T-shirt, the fit is good, the design is positioned so that none of it is hidden when I tuck it into my jeans, and it arrived in a packet sealed with a UNIT sticker, accompanied by a postcard depicting a blueprint of the Whomobile. Now that is service.

Nobody at work has commented on it yet :(


Ooh, fun! I rather like the International Electromatics one.
OMG, I want it. *grin*

However, tell me... how long are the sleeves? I have lots of older tees with elbow-length sleeves, but now it seems as if sleeves go halfway down the upper arm, and I really prefer coverage.
Slightly over halfway down the upper arm, on me, but not to the elbows, I'm afraid.
Oh, definitely going to have to let a friend know about this design - he's quite keen on slamming people into mats, and having them return the favor. =:)