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ConFuzzled 2: Hot Dish and No Dinner

The first thing I did on Friday, after breakfast, was attend the panel on Your First Convention, or how to stay happy and healthy throughout the con and how to behave around fursuiters, ably accompanied in pantomime by a blue dragon. We all nodded seriously at the importance of six hours' sleep, two meals and one shower as a daily minimum, then sallied forth to enjoy our con. I sat outside for a while, took the advice received on the first-timers' panel and introduced myself to some strangers, then headed in to attend MOAR PANELS.

There were panels for all tastes, some closely related to furry and some more general; some focusing on art, some on fursuits, some on subjects relevant to the Middle Ages theme, like sparring and chain mail making. I was mostly interested in the writing track, and with top furry author Kyell Gold as one of the Guests of Honour, this was well-represented.

Ultrafox was up first, speaking on the 'Craft of the Story' with lots of pop culture references. Soon after his talk finished, it was my turn with 'Writing for Anthologies'. I had an audience of about a dozen, at least half of whom were buddies who'd promised to come, which meant a friendly and receptive crowd.

Next on the agenda was 'Meet the Guests of Honour', a Q&A with kyellgold and Gabapple. Gab, a.k.a. Melissa Douglas, draws adorable kittehs and is an all-round excellent person. During the course of the session she revealed that she works in web dev but really wants to write children's books, hates spiders, and loves orange. I found her afterwards and declared that we had been Separated At Birth.

Kyell Gold gave a tantalising reading from an upcoming publication, after which I escaped into the sunshine to sit drinking, watching the passing suiters, and chatting to chapcalledjules (a longtime lurker on these pages, apparently - hi there!). We moved on to the Banner Brawl, in which two teams of artists compete to create the most pleasing giant canvas with subjects pulled from a hat and drawn in two-minute slots: Furry Steve McQueen on a motorcycle! The undead hordes! A badger in drag! Now make everyone in the picture drunk!

Just before 8 I tiptoed out to discharge the last of my obligations for the con by reading an extract from my Hot Dish story. This was a joint effort with kandrel, and it seemed to me that the contrast of our very different stories (my domestic rom-com versus his sci-fi), not to mention our very different accents, worked well. I hope there will be further joint projects!

When that was over, Ultrafox and I went for a very welcome swim and chillout in the hotel pool. Ultra had been invited to a room party, and I tagged along so that I too could be one of the cool kids. The party suite turned out to contain many of my favourite furs plus some delightful new people, and I met another long-serving LJ friend, jessie_pup, who was even lovelier than anticipated.

The day was such a feast of things to do that I didn't have time for lunch, grazing on crackers instead, and managed to miss dinner too. Luckily I'd had enough breakfast for that to count as my two meals.
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Enjoying this series very much; looking forward to more!

I am trying very hard to remember that I do know better than to make a completely prejudiced stereotypical remark about furry con room parties, but this is more out of jealousy than anything else...
I understand there were...other room parties - in fact there was one next door to mine which featured balloons, but I'm a bit balloonphobic and didn't investigate.

I bet all sorts go on at Star Trek conventions too, though.
Oddly enough I'd never heard of a phobia of balloons before LJ and you are at least the second (or third?) person on LJ I know who has it. Funny old life.
I bet most people just don't admit it!
Sounds like a great con so far! :)
Why has it taken me 10 years to do this!?
I've no idea, but better late than never.
...which is pretty much how I felt back in '98 after my first con, but with the number doubled...
furries are obviously slackers. sf con advice is 5-2-1 for sleep, meals and showers.

admittedly i need 8 hours sleep these days.
...and filkers have been known to advise 3-2-1. ;)
...but they're nuts.
indeed :)
I am lightly bewildered at the idea that cons need to dish out sleep-meals-showers advice at all!
people forget since they are having too much fun.
I was going to say 'because furries', so I'm glad it applies to other cons too! (Showers are extra important if you're costuming in something made largely of fun fur.)
Only two meals? How can anyone manage on that? =:P

But it sounds excellent so far. A chain mail making workshop sounds especially awesome, for some reason!
Yes, I usually have at least three and a half!

There were a couple of fun-sounding workshops I didn't manage to cram in - chain mail was one, UV T-shirt decorating another.
I say leporine attendees ought to be eligible to apply for a con-long pass to the buffet. ^_^
For day-long grazing, as opposed to a carnivorous daily gorge. Yes.