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Secret Agent Dog

ConFuzzled 1: Shock and Awww!

This has been the weekend of my first ever furry convention, ConFuzzled 2013 at the Hinckley Island Hotel in Leicestershire. I will attempt to make my reports pleasing to those who were there, interesting to those who weren't, and comprehensible to those who have no idea what a furry convention is, but I appreciate this may be a bit of a tall order.

I set off for Hinckley after work on Thursday, stopping for a sandwich at Newport Pagnell services and arriving soon after eight. I'd been worried about finding the hotel, but the crowd of anthropomorphic animals standing by the side of the road waving at the traffic was a good indicator. I parked up and headed in, a little nervous about what I might find and what, exactly, I had let myself in for.

Luckily the first person I ran into was eldabion, who is consistently cheerful and lovely every time I encounter him, and silvante was on the registration desk, so I felt welcome and wanted from the start. Even though silvante demanded ID and then threatened to tell all our friends my middle name.

Executive twin room #302 showed signs of Ultrafox occupation but was currently uninhabited, so once I'd doffed my bike gear, and phoned Howard to announce my safe arrival, I set off in search of my vulpine roommate. He remained elusive but I did run into pretty much everyone else I know from the UK furry circuit, including orona_red ("You're here! You're adorable! I'm really drunk!" *huge hug*) and Simon, who kindly bought me a coffee.

I had my first real-life sighting of a longtime online friend when I recognised theodor in the bar. Theo drew my delightful secret agent husky icon, he is even more fabulous in person (you'd think people would become less fabulous when their existence is confirmed, but not always), and I recommend him to everyone. I found klepsydra, but was dragged away when Shaman reappeared to usher me into the presence of fellow furry author kandrel. Networking!

When I eventually located Ultra, we sat at the bar and drank to safe arrivals and a good con. Outside, on the dark A5, the lorry drivers honked at the bright surreal oasis of fursuiters.
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Ah, the Hickley Island... Went to a few Eastercons there a while back. Don't suppose it still has the huge Neptune figure in the reception area? (Hmmm... I think that might have vanished the last time I went there.)
Alas, it's gone, and furry fans cannot impale slices of breakfast toast on his trident the way SF fans used to.
The bronze shaggy doggy was pretty adorbs, though!
I have *cough* no idea who was responsible! I regret I never managed to get a photo of it. I do have a photo of a light sabre workshop happening in that open area with the balconies...
those who have no idea what a furry convention is

There are still such people?

I shall look forward to reading these reports. =:)
I look forward to writing them! And I really do have some non-furry friends. No, really.