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Why I Want A Degu (Or Several)

Neuroscientists at the Riken Institute in Tokyo, Japan, used degus for research into tool use in animals with good eye-and-paw coordination, in which they spontaneously learned to use a tiny rake to retrieve out-of-reach seeds.

Tiny rake. Tiny. Rake.


Oh brilliant, I've been wondering how to spell that for months.
While I'd been thinking the plural of degu was degu, only to be Wikipedia-corrected!
So, they need regular sand baths, and they can use tiny rakes, which they get from Japanese researchers... can't be much longer until we'll see the first tiny zen gardens. :)
*dead of cute*
Awww. If I give a degu a tiny mop, can we experiment to find out whether it can clean my kitchen floor??
Maybe a team of degus would be better. It might be a lifetime project for one.
I made The Boy do an image search and now the whole family is squeeing.
Oh dear, they may not mix well with three cats!
Impressive little critters. I wamt to watch one using a tiny rake. :-) (However, they're illegal to keep in California, so I won't be watching one doing the raking very soon.)
I've heard of this with ferrets - is it because they might escape and make pests of themselves?
...and, someday, you'll look back upon this post and think...

Degu vu!

Oh, I do hope so!