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Husky Airways

Alice in Maryland: Day 7 (28/04)

I got up early to say goodbye to Lori, who had to go to work. Rick and I went for a walk by the nearby lake, which we'd been meaning to do all week, then drove in to Mount Airy for a final taste of America at Chipotle. Afterwards, having bought nothing so far but postcards and stamps, I spent $30 in Safeway on Pop Tarts, goldfish crackers and other delights.

It rained for the first time all week as Rick drove me and my suitcase towards Washington. Our plan was to spend a couple of hours at the National Air and Space Museum near the airport.

This is the Smithsonian Institute's aviation overflow, a vast, beautiful gallery with light aircraft suspended from the ceiling, larger exhibits on the floor, and glass cases containing everything from flightsuits worn on missions over Iraq to a souvenir lamp shaped like Charles Lindbergh's cat Patsy.

I loved seeing the SR-71 Blackbird and the cropduster biplanes, which aren't the sort of thing you get in UK air museums, and just walking around the exhibits in the company of someone with similar levels of knowledge and interest to mine. We were thrown out very promptly at closing time, which meant I spent less time browsing the gift shop than I would have liked, but I still managed to bag a T-shirt and a couple of postcards.

Then it was time for me to be dropped off at the terminal, say goodbye, and vanish into the security system. I try not to buy things at airports, because it's overpriced tat one is driven to by boredom, but I couldn't resist some presents for my loved ones from a shop called 'America!' (Presumably they weren't allowed to add 'F*ck Yeah!'.) I sat at a Starbucks and wrote my air museum postcards, which a nice British Airways man promised to post for me. wardy's, at least, arrived.

Having spent the outward journey in the very middle of the 2-3-2 seat configuration, I'd checked in online for the return leg and secured a window seat by the emergency exit. I loved seeing the Canadian coast all lit up, then, hours later, Ireland and Wales all green in the morning sun (I don't sleep much on planes).

It was nice to be home, but I was already missing the other life of dogs and cats and bikes I'd been welcomed into for a week. Throughout the holiday I kept catching myself thinking of things I'd like to do 'next time', and I do hope there will be one.

Things I Ate
A huge bowl of rice, black beans, salsa, cheese and meat at Chipotle. We shared a portion of fries.

Lotsa planes at the National Air & Space Museum
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Ha, I knew what that would link to before I clicked :) Chipotle is one of those macho silly-hot peppers, I think, but the eponymous restaurant had no Chipotlaway-requiring effects.
I think I know at least one person who'd love that museum. :)

I've never been to a Chipotle restaurant, but I'd love to; I sure love chipotles, at least (even though I find them too hot when eaten pure). :)
Heh, I think we both do!

There's a Chipotle in London, possibly the only one in the UK, but although it's not far from where I used to work I've never been.

Edited at 2013-05-12 06:09 pm (UTC)
Ah, yeah — it seems like there's several in London, actually! But they don't appear to have expanded beyond the USA, Canada and the UK (yet), so those are probably the closest ones for me as well. A bit too far to just go there to check them out, alas.
But should you happen to be passing...
Yes, I'll make sure to visit then. :)
I was in the NASM in Washington centre ages ago. But I'm profoundly envious as I would have preferred seeing their Airport branch because it's so much bigger. Probably with far fewer famous things, but a far greater number of interesting things.

Umm there's an SR71 Blackbird at Duxford, AFIK the only one displayed outside the US < / pedant >

Edited at 2013-05-11 02:31 pm (UTC)
I wondered if there was, though I couldn't remember seeing one, only the U2.
I've been to the Air and Space Museum on the mall in DC many times, but never to the overflow one - didn't know it was there. Cool!
I must actually get closer to DC than its airport, some time!
There's an SR-71 in tha American hangar at Duxford. Is Discovery in the Washington museum?
There was a whole space wing we didn't explore due to lack of time!
Heh! It'd have been the first bit I'd have gone to. Probably. ;)
My beloved Grumman Goose is at the Udvar-Hazy these days. I need to visit it again!

Also, please make sure "visit Gneech" is in the "next time" bin. I'll be happy to arrange transport, that's not an issue at all.

Absolutely, and I'm really sorry I didn't take steps to sort it this time! I also didn't want to add to your too-much-to-do stress, but I should flatter myself that a visit from me is a positive experience :)
Awesome photo. I would love to visit there :)
Thought you might! I hope you get the chance some day!
Hurrah! Thoroughly enjoyed the series and glad you had such a fab time. Also delighted to hear that there are branches of Chipotle in the UK; we've tried many of the other burrito places in London - it does seem redundant that there's a Chipotle on Upper Street when there's a Chilango as well, which is our absolute first choice for burritos in our experience to date, though I should imagine there's probably a mile or a mile and a half between them - but mostly I'm hoping that someone (pretty much anyone) will open up here.
It would be a brave burrito joint that would encroach on curry territory...