Alice Dryden (huskyteer) wrote,
Alice Dryden

Alice in Maryland: Day 6 (27/04)

"You guys have to come see this," Lori called from the living-room as I was eating breakfast. It was ten turkey vultures sitting in a line on the back fence, sunning themselves companionably like little old men.

Lori needed to pick something up from a friend's house out in the country, so we had a drive, stopping for lunch at a diner. On the way back we passed through a town called Granite, which we were hoping would be like Bedrock in The Flintstones, and saw a farmer in denim dungarees buying his kids a treat at a roadside snowball stand.

In the afternoon, while Lori went to the farm and Rick had a nap, I got to take the scooter out by myself.

Rick attached the sat-nav, showed me how to make it take me home, and assured me that there was no way I could end up on an interstate, then I was off. I didn't go very far, and recognised most of the roads I was on, but it was a heady, scary experience to be alone in a foreign country. I regret not taking more photos (by the time I spotted the opportunities I was already whizzing past them) and not stopping at one of the many yard sales to sift through goodies from Maryland attics, but I had a lovely time exploring the back roads and admiring the April blossom.

Later we drove to Frederick, Maryland's second-largest city (roughly the size of Bournemouth), a pretty town just right for strolling, shopping and eating in the spring sunshine. We met friends of Rick and Lori's for a meal, and filled time beforehand browsing a vast antique shop full of treasures. I learned the verb 'to antique', as in 'we went antiquing', and unearthed an illustration of sled dogs from the early 20th century, which I have yet to frame.

Things I Ate
A turkey sandwich with fries and gravy; I'm not usually one for gravy but it was part of the authentic experience. Delicious barbeque turkey, bafflingly sandwiched between two slices of plasticky white bread.

We went to a tapas restaurant in Frederick, where the standouts for me were the deep-fried asparagus and the ice cream sampler I had for pudding: six small scoops of ice cream in individual cups, from memory strawberry, pistachio, cookies and cream, coffee, blueberry and Baileys. "And all these are for you, so good luck with that," said our nice waiter. (I had help.)

Turkey vultures
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