Alice Dryden (huskyteer) wrote,
Alice Dryden

Alice in Maryland: Day 5 (26/04)

After a busy morning of website work, Rick took me into Mount Airy for one of the quintessential Maryland eating experiences: barbeque. We hit up CarterQue in the company of Rick's friend Ben, an expert on US and world cuisine. (Ben grew up in Georgia, which has the highest ratio of hogs per capita in the United States, "and there's your piggy fun factoid for the day". I liked Ben.)

In the afternoon we went out on the bikes again, which I'd been dying to do all week. We took a mixture of country roads and scary highways, passing through four counties: Frederick, Carroll, Montgomery and Howard. (Sadly not the Carroll County of Ode to Billie Joe, where the eponymous BJ and the narrator's brother put a frog down her back at the picture show; that would be the Mississippi one.) Our destination was Gaithersburg and Battley's Motorcycles, a BMW and Harley-Davidson dealer - an unusual combination with, you would think, little crossover.

We were both ravenous again by dinner, even though we had spent much of the intervening time watching the guy on Bizarre Foods catch sea urchins from a boat off Sardinia and eat them raw.

Things I Ate
Rick and Ben insisted I try fried pickles, which were large gherkins quartered and deep-fried in breadcrumbs, served with a dip and utterly delicious. I also had pulled pork with CarterQue's specialty black raspberry sauce, plus fries and, as a tiny concession to healthy eating, steamed broccoli. For a long time it seemed as though the amount of food on my plate wasn't decreasing no matter how much I ate; then, somehow, it had all gone. "You fought the pig," observed Ben, "and the pig lost."

Maryland barn
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