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Cat Air

Alice in Maryland: Day 3 (24/04)

Discussing British versus North American wildlife with Lori the day before, I'd mentioned that I'd really like to see a raccoon. Lori immediately offered to trap me one up at the barn, where egg-stealers are relocated to a happier hunting ground behind the grocery store. But there was no need, because we observed a medium-sized bandit from the living-room window, prancing happily along the back fence in broad daylight.

We had lunch at a proper American diner, Trout's Towne Restaurant, and I realised that British diners can only ever be pale imitations of the genuine, star-spangled, unpretentious original, with its friendly waitresses and military-themed menu.

Afterwards, Lori took me to her farm to meet the horses, pony and donkey (some hers, some tenants), the Naked Neck chickens, and Peewee, possibly the world's fattest and friendliest feral cat. A lovely vet came to file the horses' teeth (or 'float' them, as it is in the US), mock the Naked Necks ("What a freakazoid! It's like a baby dinosaur!"), and show off his knowledge of pre-decimal British currency.

My day of rural Americana was made complete when I saw a Mennonite at the petrol station.

Things I Ate
At Trout's Towne Restaurant, the best fried chicken ever (cooked in a pressure cooker first), followed by peanut butter ice cream pie. Now there's a bunch of words you don't often see together, and when you do, you know it's going to be good.

Down on the farm


Continuing to enjoy this series, and I do like the emphasis placed on "Things I Ate". This means you are definitely doing the USA right. :-D
Heh! Rick and Lori were at pains to point out that they didn't normally eat out so much either, but they were keen for me to have the full experience!
I love this travel account, and food porn is always interesting. But however good we may be at diners, the British will ever and forever be unsurpassed at pubs and places where one can get fish and chip lunches. And cream teas.
This entry sorely needs more food photos. ^_^;

I wonder where the term "float" came from, with regard to veterinary dentistry? (A term US rabbit owners tend to be familiar with)

It's curious just how very difficult it really is to export not so much a style of cooking, but the style of establishment - in reverse, did you get to see a "British pub" in the US? =:) (Or indeed, Irish, which means the same kind of bar, but with Guinness) Not that British cooking's held in much regard, sadly - it's pretty much impossible to find a pasty in the entire Bay Area, f'rex. (Not that I'd count anything the likes of Gregg's as being authentic, any more than damn Ginsters, but that's a bit of a sore point with me - what's been done to pasties by those people is horrible, and shameful)

peanut butter ice cream pie

Yipe! I think I gained 5lb just reading that. ^_^;

Reminds me.. someday, I need to make another cheesecake. So dreadfully unhealthy, but so very good. =:9
Hello, I'm enjoying your catchup comments :)

I went to the 'Maryland Tavern' one evening and it was entirely unlike a pub - for one thing, the waitress wasn't surly :)

What surprised me was the lack of cider. Rick asked me about it, and almost ordered a Strongbow at the tapas restaurant, but I dissuaded him.