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Dangerous Curves

Alice in Maryland: Day 2 (23/04)

Rick and I spent the morning looking at the website work I'd been invited over to look at. Much to my relief, it was easily within my remit: converting existing pages to a new template, very much what I do in my day job. Now I'm home, it's just a question of finding time to do it...

Afterwards we knocked off and, with Lori, went on a jaunt to a nearby town for Vietnamese food and some shopping at Lotte, a vast international supermarket specialising in oriental foodstuffs. I love poking around foreign food stores so I was delighted my hosts did too - though, to be honest, I would have found just as much awe and wonder in a Wal-Mart or Target.

Things I Ate
Pork banh mi and bubble tea at the Korean restaurant. Later, when Rick asked if I was ready for dinner and I said perhaps not quite yet, he asked if I was sick or somethin', so he got the measure of me pretty quickly.



Nekkid cat <3 <3 <3
Thank you!
My pleasure!

That was the best shot I got; he was hard to photograph.
I love checking out food stores whenever I am away from home. My favorite UK place is surprisingly NOT Harrods (too weird and expensive) but venues like Sainsbury's and Tesco's and especially M&S...I ate more prawn mayonnaise sandwiches last time I was over there than I quite believed I could.
Of the supermarkets, yes, M&S is pretty good. Also Waitrose, who tend to offer a broader variety of interesting Stuff, I feel. But the real gems, I'd say, have to be unique places like Borough Market in London, and Middle Farm near Lewes - not to say there's nowhere else like them, but that there's only one of them.

(Why yes, I am a tiny bit behind with LJ =:)