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Alice in Maryland: Day 1 (22/04)

I woke to a bright, sunny morning. Looking out of the bathroom window, I saw a bird feeder covered in birds I didn't recognise. Soon I was eating breakfast and learning to identify cardinals, bluejays, chickadees and American goldfinches (a bright Dayglo yellow, unlike the European version). The morning was spent running supermarket and Post Office errands, which was, of course, all novel and delightful to me.

Then we went for a ride.

Rick's stable includes a BMW maxi-scooter of the kind I test-rode last year, and he was also able to lend me a helmet in my size (I'd brought my own jacket, boots, gloves and Kevlar-lined jeans). We set ourselves up with intercoms and I was ready for my first experience of the US on two wheels.

Although I've ridden on the right in continental Europe, I wasn't used to the massive intersections and confusing traffic lights of American roads, and I was glad to have a guide when we came across those. For the most part, though, we were on local back roads and seldom saw another vehicle. The curves were gentle and the passing countryside endlessly fascinating. Black buzzards perched in the trees or circled above. We slowed to let half a dozen whitetail deer cross the road ahead of us. Later, Rick drew my attention to the rear end of a woodchuck vanishing into the verge. We also saw a dead possum, which was interesting although I'd rather have seen a live one.

Things I Ate
I had a cheeseburger and fries at Five Guys and understood why elfasi raves about them. In the evening Rick and I went to the Maryland Tavern, where on his recommendation I had a crab pizza seasoned with a famous local product. Absence of cider drove me to a $2 pint of pale ale.

Mount Airy water tower
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