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Is it because I is Mac?

I was favoured this evening by inviting me to participate in a survey. The last time they did this it was a survey on chewing-gum, which I answered with such scathing negativity I thought they would never get in touch again. But they did, and this time they want me to answer some questions on Office Accessories. Wahey. Click link.

The first page of the survey asks my name and age group; the second demands to know which 'office accessories' I own (computer, flatbed scanner, inkjet etc). Page 3 queries my operating system. The choices:
  • Windows 95
  • Windows 98
  • Windows 2000
  • Windows NT
  • Windows XP
  • Windows ME
  • Mac
  • Other
I radiobutton Mac, natch.

Then the next page comes up, and it says "We are sorry, your profile does not match our required demographic for this survey. Look out for other great surveys coming soon."

I should have smelled a rat when they only offered a generic Mac option instead of Classic and OS X. Prejudice against my choice of personal computer has lost me the chance to earn a quid for 5 minutes' box-ticking and I'm bloody annoyed. Whoever commissioned this ludicrous survey could have learned many valuable facts about the likes and dislikes of the Mac-owning public, enabling them to corner the market. But no.

(And yes, I have been saving that subject line for months. I'm glad, now, that I didn't squander it on my rant about Black & White freezing my system.)

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