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Plan Bee

Today's office excitement came in the form of a large black bumblebee with an orange bum which evaded capture for some time by crawling into the light fittings between daring divebomb attacks on our monitors. Eventually it came to a halt on the ceiling, where I was able to capture it under a glass while standing on a desk, then pass it to a colleague for defenestration.

As if using 'defenestrate' in casual conversation wasn't enough, I also got to make a hilarious "don't touch it, you don't know where it's BEEn" 'joke'. Good times.

After work I ticked an item off my pre-holiday checklist by giving blood. It was coincidence that I'd been called up today, but in the light of world events I was very glad to go, and when I said so to the nurse she said they'd been packed out all day with drop-in donors.

Obviously blood from Bromley won't be going to Boston, but doing something positive helps one feel less angry and helpless.

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