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Plan Bee

Today's office excitement came in the form of a large black bumblebee with an orange bum which evaded capture for some time by crawling into the light fittings between daring divebomb attacks on our monitors. Eventually it came to a halt on the ceiling, where I was able to capture it under a glass while standing on a desk, then pass it to a colleague for defenestration.

As if using 'defenestrate' in casual conversation wasn't enough, I also got to make a hilarious "don't touch it, you don't know where it's BEEn" 'joke'. Good times.

After work I ticked an item off my pre-holiday checklist by giving blood. It was coincidence that I'd been called up today, but in the light of world events I was very glad to go, and when I said so to the nurse she said they'd been packed out all day with drop-in donors.

Obviously blood from Bromley won't be going to Boston, but doing something positive helps one feel less angry and helpless.


Good on you for donating blood! I think it's really important, and I wish more people did it.

Heh, and bumblebees — cute things, and they (as well as other insects) are about the only subjects for which I do not just approve of defenestration but also actively practice it myself. :)
I'd generally rather eject insects than kill them, but in the case of spiders I have to get someone else to do it for me!

I always think it's nice that we don't get paid to give blood, it's all voluntary - though you do get a drink and a biscuit. Famously it's a cup of tea (although I have lemon squash), and donor cards even have a little hologram of a cup of tea on!
Oh yeah, spiders are a different beast (literally) — but then I'm arachnophobic.

They do pay you here depending on where you go (the Red Cross does not, as far as I know; the local university's clinic does), but it's not intended as payment as much as reimbursement for the time you spent and all that. You do get a good meal, too, of course. :)
That is fair and I wouldn't turn money down if it was on offer!

When I lived in Oxford the local ice cream shop would give you a free scoop if you'd given blood that day. Got to get those sugar levels back up :)

I'm fine with most creepy-crawlies but I absolutely cannot deal with the eight-legged ones - big or small, alive or dead.
Oooh, free ice cream! I wish they did that here.

And yes, I'm just the same. Funny how it works, isn't it? Six legs are fine, and so are ten legs, but eight? No. Well, unless it's a scorpion — I don't mind those, but then they hardly look like they're related to spiders.
Bees, always up to mischief. It reminded me of when a bee floated onto the bus a few years ago. A mother sitting next to her daughter told her, "that bee just got on and didn't even show its buzz pass." And the girl very sternly glared at the bee and snapped, "naughty bee! Get off now!"
Aww, that is lovely. I hope the bee was duly chastened and exited at the next stop!
Hehe, yes, it was able to float out of the door a few stops later. :)