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Orange Vespa Huskyteer

What's New In Baltimore?

If you've been following along for a while, you might remember that I write occasional reviews of motorcycle kit (and fleece onesies) for webBikeWorld.com. The editor, Rick, whom I finally met all too briefly at the 2011 Milan bike show, knows I'm a web dev and had mentioned a couple of times that some of the older pages on the site need updating if I fancied the job on an as-and-when basis.

A few weeks ago, he emailed another suggestion. Why didn't he pay for me to fly out to his home in Maryland and do the work in situ, while also enjoying a week of chilling out, biking and tourism with Rick and Mrs Rick?

It was such a generous offer that it was a while before I convinced myself I should accept it, but I did. I'll be flying into Washington Dulles airport on Sunday April 21st, returning the following Sunday.

It's a fantastic opportunity, and it has come about as a direct result of pursuing my passions for writing and motorcycles. This is how life should work.


It is indeed! Felicitations!
Thank you! Report to follow, no doubt!
Brilliant! Have a wonderful time! =:D
Thank you! I feel undeserving of such luck, but will do my best to earn it by having a fab time.
Exciting! (The mother in me wants to warn you about back-up plans, should they be needed).
I very much hope they won't - but at least I'm of an age to find myself a motel or something if it all went horribly wrong!
Ah yes, I guess having a bike around always gives you an option to skedaddle!
Wow, that's awesome!
I am chuffed and excited (and a little nervous; it's the furthest I've ever travelled on my own, even though I'll be picked up at the other end.)
Holy crap! That's very awesome! My sympathies for the horrors that await you at Dulles airport, but I'm sure you'll have a great week. Maybe even squeeze in some time for web dev :D . Have you ever been to the USA before?
San Francisco (loved) and LA (hated) in 2003. I imagine customs has got even worse since then...
That's fantastic - I hope you have a great time!
Cheers, matey!
Hurrah! You thoroughly deserve it.
Thank you! That means a lot, coming from someone whose opinions I value.
Funky! I hope you have a great time, and that the web stuff doesn't intrude too much on the fun.
I can always bring the web part of it home with me for later perusal.
Cor! I hope they are nice! If you're going to Baltimore, I recommend reading Crackpot by John Waters which is very funny on the subject.
Ooh, thanks - I like to read topical books when I go on holiday, and I'd only got as far as 'Live And Let Die because it's America'.
Ooh, that's great! Enjoy your trip and stay. :)
Thank you! I look forward to reporting back!

When I visited Washington a while back, among the things I chose to see (for reasons I now honestly can't fathom) were the Woodrow Wilson House museum and the US Postal Museum.

Ummm.... don't feel like you have to to likewise.
Well, my priority is going to be the International Spy Museum, but if I have any time left over...
\o/, indeed!
Oh, that's amazing! Very kind of them indeed. ^_^

Might be worth pondering bringing the odd goody along, like McVities' Gold Bars, or a couple bottles of excellent cider, which despite the dramatic rise of craft beer brewing in the US in the past decade or two, remains quite underexplored. There are a couple available, like Woodchuck and ACE, but they're not particularly interesting.

BTW, don't forget to apply online for ESTA clearance ("Electronic System for Travel Authorization") ahead of travelling! (If you haven't already done so, of course) It's normally all immediate - just enter your info, pay the fee, and it gives you the go-ahead. Still, it couldn't hurt to do it ahead of time, just in case there's something needing to be sorted out.
Thanks - I have ESTAed, as I had a vague sense there was something needed doing, and .gov.uk was kind enough to tell me what it was.

I have bought some goodies from M&S but I didn't think of cider! Wouldn't hurt to have my own supply along, either :)