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Light Show

When yagfox drew my attention to Light Show at the Hayward Gallery, I immediately offered to accompany him. It's lights! I love lights! I'm in!

It's a primitive thing, this love of lights. Friends and family will testify that I am as easily entranced by a Christmas tree as by the Aurora Borealis, spellbound by fireworks or fairgrounds. So a collection of artworks all formed from light, dating from the 1960s up to the last couple of years, was right up my street.

There were neon tubes forming an ethereal staircase of light, very A Matter of Life and Death. There was a red star formed by artfully positioned spotlights, an infinity box you could stand in, and a floor-to-ceiling cylinder of twinkling LEDs. Three connected rooms, one lit in red, one in green and one in blue, played bizarre tricks on the mind and eyes.

yagfox and I debated which pieces we would like to feature in our homes (the red star, Rose, for me, definitely) and made our exit via the gift shop. From the happy faces of our fellow exhibition-goers, I'm not the only one to be turned on by lights.

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