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Have you, like me, been disappointed by fruit and herbal teas? The ingredients list and the smell promise great things, but what you end up with is a cup of lightly flavoured hot water. Having been knocked back time after time, I'd pretty much given up on anything that comes in a teabag and isn't rooibos or green tea (no, I don't like normal tea either). Then I noticed chilli tea and thought, well, surely that must taste of something?

Name Made by Price Where bought Rating Comments
Chilli Chai Herbal Infusion Whittards £3.95 for 20 Whittards ****

The picture on the box suggests that you'll pretty much be getting a cup of chilli-flavoured water. The reality is a little more complex than that, but it's a fresh, simple taste with a nice tingly aftermath. This was the first chilli beverage I tried, and I would have been content to stick with it if the price tag had not encouraged me to branch out.

Sweet Chilli Higher Living £1.99 for 20 Holland & Barrett *****

Liquoricey, cinnamony and, er, cocoa-y, this was both the cheapest and my favourite of the bunch. I found it slightly addictive, to the point where I'd arrive at work already craving a hit. The flavour continues to get stronger even after the bag is removed.

Fairtrade & Organic Raspberry Chilli The London Tea Company £1.50 for 20 Sainsbury's *

This one took a while to get going and I didn't detect much chilli, but once it's brewed for a while the sweet/tart/tingly taste is quite pleasant. I'd prefer a mug of Ribena, though.

Sweet Chili Mexican Spice Yogi Tea £1.99 for 17 Whole Foods Market ** Nice, strong flavour, but there's much more liquorice than chilli going on here - a bit too much for my taste. I liked the snippets of yogic wisdom on the teabag tags.
Chilli Chai Teapigs £3.99 for 15 Whole Foods Market ***

The most expensive tea I tried, and loses points for calling teabags 'tea temples'. OTOH, you can actually see little seeds and pods and bits of dried, chopped THINGS in there, which is nifty. I didn't go a bundle on the flavour, though; too cardamomy, like eating a Lush bath bomb.

Further recommendations invited! Still not a fan of any other kind of flavoured-hot-water beverage, but you can try to convince me if you like.
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