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Marital Arts

Sensei, last night, using me as an opponent as he demonstrates how to block an attack:

"So, Alice is coming on to me..."

It took him a couple of seconds to figure out why we were all sniggering filthily.



I'm curious now, what martial arts do you do? I've dabbled in judo when I was little, and I've sometimes thought about taking up something again — kendo looks fascinating, and aikido seems like it could be useful, but I've been too lazy and shy to actually do anything so far.
I do Kenshukai karate, have done for over 10 years now. There's always more to learn, so it keeps me interested in a way that going to the gym doesn't, and it's quite sociable too; I've known some of my classmates for years and seen the ones who were little kids back then outgrow me!

I'd love to try kendo but I've got no way to lug all that kit around...
Oh, I'm not familiar with that, and Wikipedia's entry on it (deleted by now) wasn't very informative, either. How does it differ from "standard" karate? (Hmm, IS there such a thing as "standard" karate?)

As for kendo... it's just been an idea so far. :) It seems there is a dojo in my hometown, though, so I could presumably give them a call and see if there's any way for novices to just "check it out".
Kenshukai was developed in Australia and evolved from another form called...GKD, I think? The various different schools have slightly different techniques and etiquette, and often do belt colours in a different order.

I do kenshukai because that was what was on offer when a bloke knocked on the door one evening and signed me up :) I'd never thought of doing any sort of martial art previously, but I really clicked with it.
Did everyone caught sniggering have to do 1000000000000 pressups? In context it might well still have been worth it... :-D
Not this time, by some astonishing oversight!
*waggles eyebrows*