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Monocle Husky

Small Furry Brag

I was unreasonably excited by this review of the Hot Dish anthology on flayrah.com - by Fred Patten, who has been a lynchpin of furry since before most furries were born.

Reviews of furry literature within the fandom are generally pretty positive and forgiving - I often think too much so - but when it's your own work you can't help but be pleased by a quote like:
A heart-melting comedy rather than a farce. You’ll sympathize with everyone.

Get Hot Dish here, by the way; it's currently on sale at $13.95, four dollars off the usual price.
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Truly awesome, dear one!!!

I am so happy for, and proud of, you!!!

Keep up the awesome work!

*lotsa hugs*
Thank you, Chief Cheerleader! ^.^
Even I know who Fred Patten is -- so consider me impressed!
Well, thank you! ^.^ (I only became aware of him when I got seriously into the writing side, to be honest.)
I, too, am always keen to see a good book review over a book summary.
Oh, hello!

I always think I err too far on the side of 'I liked this bit / I hated this character' when I review things, but I guess as long as I justify my opinions, or at least make them entertaining, it's OK...