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Orange Vespa Huskyteer

After Noon

A bit late here, but for April 1st I reviewed my new pyjamas over at webBikeWorld.com.

Photos taken with Howard's assistance. It was very cold.

[Spoiler (click to open)]Front view Chillaxing


Love both the review and the pyjamas!
Thank you! The PJs are the comfiest thing ever, and the quality has spoiled me for Primark's onesie offerings.
Heh, nice! :) And good photos, too; you look really satisfied and comfy there in the second one in particular. ^^
I was actually freezing! I'm such a good actress :)
If these photos are any indication, you sure seem to be. :)
So when will the calendar be published?
I would totally buy 'Bikes And Onesies 2014'.
I think the editor made up the two earliest, but the others seem to have been added by readers getting into the spirit of the thing, which is nice!