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Dogfight [by the_gneech]

Raining, Cats, and Dogs

I spent most of the weekend with arakinuk, ahead of his imminent transformation into arakingermany. Thanks in part to the constant rain, it was a cosy, low-key visit: we drank a lot of coffee and spent a fair amount of time ensconced on the sofa chewing the fat or reading comic books.

We ventured out on Saturday evening to Hyperrific's new place in Slough. elfasi was also a guest, and had brought one of his two dogs, so I finally got to meet Katie the German shepherd. (Katie was wearing bitch pants, which is my new favourite insult.) There were two rounds of Cards Against Humanity, of which elfasi and I won one each, and we watched Wreck-It Ralph.

I loved this - it's about arcade game characters who hang out together after hours and enter each other's games, which is exactly what I liked to think went on inside my Sinclair Spectrum when I was a kid. I used to imagine that the loading screen was a lift and all the characters got out at their game until only the ones from the game I was about to play were left, and...damn it I could have made MILLIONS.

On Sunday we made pancakes with sugar and lime juice for breakfast, then Arakin did linguini with lime for lunch, which we followed with the lemon cake I'd brought. Neither of us will be getting scurvy any time soon.


It's worth watching the alternative/deleted scenes, too, for a glimpse at just how radically different the storyline and characters could have been. ($20 from iTunes, yay! And the iTunes Extras is/are handled by Requiem fine - an ITE bundle is apparently much like an app bundle, in reality a hierarchy of files that simply looks like a single one. Inside, it's essentially an HTML cabinet wrapping the requisite video files and loops. As for why Requiem's useful: I run iTunes fine, but the Blu-Ray player downstairs doesn't =:)

I quite like the ring of "arakinde" - it even pronounces authentically. ^_^

Edited at 2013-03-19 12:20 pm (UTC)
I almost went with 'arakinde' but thought it was maybe a bit too subtle. Not for you, obviously!

I am still in DVD-land when it comes to purchasing movies...
It was really great getting to spend social time with you. We must do it again sometime! Next time hopefully I'll have both Chorizo and Katie. And a windmill full of corpses.
They're a girl's best friend!
Bitch pants is fabulous XD Half-wish I was still in the veterinary world to have heard of these previously!
I had no idea such things even existed!