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Must Control Fist Of Death

Good Work

Two months in to a three-month contract, I came home yesterday to four letters from the Department for Work & Pensions, in identical scary brown envelopes:
  • One telling me my Jobseeker's Allowance had been paid
  • One telling me my Jobseeker's Allowance was being stopped as I was working
  • One telling me I wasn't eligible for a Job Grant (which I don't recall asking for) and
  • One containing a P45.

The good news is that my JSA for the period around Christmas and New Year when I wasn't working had been paid into my bank account. Lucky I didn't need it desperately back in January, eh?

NB I am very glad the system is in place, but I feel it could be more efficient.


If, as they say, "time is what stops everything from happening together", does this mean that the DWP exists outside of time?
It would not surprise me. I blame Rassilon.
Thats a pretty awesome symbol, Rassilon :p
I forgot what I was going to say, sorry :(
Haha, he has that effect!
I still have no idea :D haha, I'll just look at the symbol some more :D
I think departments just can't communicate successfully amongst themselves. For example, I'm trying to renew the car's tax disc this morning. All the paperwork says that we need a DLA404 exemption certificate, but those haven't been in use for at least 3 years now. If you don't know, it's all utterly confusing, as well as wrong.
Ugh, that sounds a nightmare!
I had to phone that lot today; "Please listen to all the options before making your selection. Press one if ..."

Even worse than T-Mobile (or whatever they're calling themselves now)...
Your tax dollars pounds at work... isn't bureaucracy amazing?

(I imagine a P45 is a form, rather than a gun? It sounds like a Walther pistol to me, although I'd imagine you'd have to be a spy in pretty deep cover to receive one from the DWP in the mail in a brown envelope. :))
Ha, yes, it does! If only. It's a tax-related form you receive when you leave an employer.
though that'd make a brilliant setup for a story.
In my experience, letters from govt depts usually arrive in groups of four.
Maybe it's for their own protection? Safety in numbers and all that.