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Cross stitch


Guess what I made?

Felt ermine

Little dude from the Felt Ferret Pattern at Silver Seams. Mine is an ermine, both to reduce the amount of cutting and stitching required and because I couldn't find any brown felt, and has appliquéd features because I didn't have anything else available to make eyes and noses out of.

In related news, have a pine marten running on to a football pitch.
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sorry about that.... just came out.

This is sooooo cute, and I am very impressed!!!

Well done!!! Another talent to add to your much-talentedness! :)

Saw that pine marten story on yahoo news.. :)

Take care.

*hugs and love*
Haha, hello you! I wonder what other creatures I can sew now I've got the bug? ;)
Helloooo you! ;)

It really is awesome! :)

Given my quite obvious one-track mindedness of late - (other than AWDs and wolves, of course)- thanks to your puppyniece, I MUST commission you one day to make a sheppy, for my ever-increasing insane collection! After all, every collection should have a feltie! :)

The above-mentioned pooch sends you slobbery slurpies for her Auntie!! Thankfully virtual slurpies do NOT leave marks on ones' glasses. :)

The thought had already crossed my mind ^.^

*slurps back*

Did I ever tell you that I once thought seriously about changing my middle name to 'Wolf', when I was a teenager? My initials would have been AWD :)
And both of those statements above are just a few of the reasons that you is my buddy!! ;)

Too cool, on both counts! :)
Ooh, nice one! I've never managed to sew any creature that looked at all convincing!
I reckon it's a particularly forgiving pattern!

Also wow, you are the sort of person who has tidily alphabetised books :)
Heh - that's my 'general fiction' bookcase, and The Go-Between should really be moved to the Penguin shelf. Other bookcases have other systems...
My books are mostly filed by size, as you get more in the shelves that way :) I admit that does mean that the Penguins are largely together. And of course I've separated them into orange Penguins and minty Penguins, because orange and mint don't mix...
Wonderful! Looks ever so sweet. =:) And the pine marten story, too, though I'm jealous. (Not of the bite!)
Beats a dog on the pitch, certainly!
Oh, how sweet. :)

And the pine marten video was cute, too — I hope the little guy wasn't too scared, but at least he didn't get injured, from the looks of it. The players seemed to be pretty good at keeping him off the field so he wouldn't get squished.

Yes, you could say that marten was shaken, not hurt. (Oww!)

There seemed to be a lot of shouting, but it was in the marten's best interests to get him out of there!
Oh, absolutely. And I think it was all handled fairly well, too — quickly and efficiently.
Oh, how cute!

Vermin in Ermine.

Don't take your Ubersquee little Ermine anywhere near the House of Lords, or they'll seize her/him and convert him/her into ceremonial robes!

Re: Vermin in Ermine.

It would have to be a very tiny Lord!
Yay, it's Okojo-san! ^_^ (Rather a fun show, too. I think some small fansub project took on the task of translating more of it - initially, only the first three episodes were subtitled)
OK, now that is ADORABLE!