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The Nation Listens

I've had a good run of BBC radio comedy recordings lately. Last night I had tickets for Jeremy Hardy Speaks to the Nation, which he has been doing, we were told, since 1993. He looks little older than he did then, such is the power of cutting your hair really short.

Jeremy kicked off with a joke about designer glasses with 'little SS symbols' on the arms, and I was eating out of his hand from that moment on. At the end of the show slightlyfoxed expressed a desire to take him home with us, with which I readily concurred.

Supplying female voices (and teenage boys, and Charles Hawtrey) by special invitation was Sue Perkins. Watching Sue and Jeremy crack each other up was probably the funniest bit of the evening, though that's not to knock the contents of the script (this week: How To Be A Man).

The show goes out this Thursday at 6:30, according to the producer, "so this recording won't last longer than 47 hours". Tune in!

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