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Monocle Husky

Hot Stuff

I'm delighted to announce that I have a story in Hot Dish, coming soon from Sofawolf Press. This is an anthropomorphic, mature audience, novel-style collection, similar in concept to Sofawolf's magazine-style Heat but with longer stories.

Here's what the blurb says about my contribution:
"Mirror, Signal, Manoeuvre by Huskyteer brings two same-sex, mixed-species couples together for the purpose of procreation. Friendships are tested and traffic rules are violated, but in the end a new life is created and the characters' own lives must adapt."

My submission wasn't accepted outright; one of Sofawolf's editors emailed to say that the story wasn't quite strong enough, but they liked the setup, the characters and the writing in general. If I was willing to work with his colleague to lick the plot into shape, it would be accepted (provided the plot-wrangling succeeded, of course).

I admit that I was a little miffed when my story didn't come up to scratch initially, because I AR AWSUM RITR INNIT. What followed was a valuable learning experience, though, and I'm very grateful for it because:
  1. I got to work with an experienced editor.
  2. I proved to said ed that I can work to direction and to deadline.
  3. I got a stronger story at the end of it.
  4. Which got in to the anthology.

At >14,000 words, this is the longest story I've ever had published, and has earned me the most I've been paid for a piece of fiction to date. Another milestone!

Hot Dish front cover Mirror, Signal, Manouevre illustration
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How truly AWESOME!!

That is so exciting, and I look forward to reading it. Must get a hard copy for you to sign one day.. :)

Proud of you!!!! But you already know that. :)

Thanks, you *hugs*. Can't wait to have a hard copy to show off!
This is awesome-cool - I'll have to grab a copy :D
Congrats, Husky!
You will! I will insist upon it :D
Wow, that really is most excellent!
I really love the retro-tastic cover. I want an oven like that!
What? A writer of furry erotica, viewing a cover with two beautiful creatures on it, and you comment on the oven? You'll never work in the industry again :)

It is an awesome oven, though!
Yes but orange!!
Congrats! I will have to get my paws on a copy as soon as I can. :D
I can barely contain my impatience for its release!
You rock so hard :)
Thanks, dude! You're not so bad yourself!
That fnord blurb sounds quite intriguing!

And good on you for being able to work with the editor; I think quite a few people would've balked at it, but in the end, you not only got a stronger story, you also garnered further experience writing. We don't progress by surrounding ourselves with yes-men or eschewing critique, and when a professional helps you improve your work, it may feel dismaying at first, but you'll learn a ton, all across the board.

And I'm sure you already know all that, of course. :) It's something I could benefit from learning better, though, I think.

Anyhow — to cut a long story short, congrats! :)

Edited at 2013-02-21 09:59 pm (UTC)
Thank you! I'm still not great at accepting criticism, but fortunately so far I've mostly received quite gentle and polite flavours. Perhaps I'll have grown a thicker skin before anyone is actually harsh to me.
You're welcome! Mmm, I think critique never needs to be harsh in order to be effective, but it's a very fine line to tread at times.

(Also, rereading my comment above, wow, I really could use an editor myself... x.x It would probably help if I at least re-read what I wrote before posting it.)
Hey congrats! I look forward to reading it!

Thanks! There's a taster up on my SoFurry.

I've never read any furry fiction and I am now quite curious about it. It must be a huge challenge to write anthropomorphic characters convincingly, getting the right blend between their human and non-human characteristics.
It is strange - there are certain fanon conventions but a lot of variety too. And thanks!

I look forward to picking up a copy :)
Thank you! I'll sign it for you :)