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Hope's Huskies - Bunty cover

Comfort Reading

I've not done one of these Blogthings for a while.

Your Bookshelf is Comforting

You collect books because you love to read. You love stories, and you reread your favorites over and over again.

It's hard for you to pass up a book by your favorite author. Once you find a writer you love, you tend to read his or her whole catalog.

Your favorite books are full of engaging stories, relatable characters, and surprising plot twists. You like to be immersed in a story.

You read when you want to relax a bit or get away from the dreariness of life. Nothing renews you like a book.

You love books for what's in them, and you don't get too caught up in the apperances of your collection.

In fact, some of your favorite books are well worn, sentimental favorites. That's worth more to you than the latest shiny hardback.



I just tried this and the answer was rubbish! Curated, indeed.
Me too! Though it sounded about right apart from the bit about culling.
Wah, answer overlap! What if I'd most like someone to give me a first edition of my favourite art reference book from childhood?
Same here...

...but part of me wants to go back and try tweaking an answer here and there to see whether anything changes...
Your Bookshelf is Informative

You collect books because you are a glutton for facts and information. You take in as much as possible.
You never pass up a book that will teach you something new - whether it's well written non-fiction or a classic novel.

Your favorite books are dense and full of knowledge. You like a book to rock your world and completely change the way you think.
You read to learn and experience everything. You believe reading is the best form of travel, including time travel.

You see your book collection as a work in progress. Since you read every kind of book, you still have many to acquire.
Over time, you'd like to have a mini-library of your own. Whenever you need to look something up, you'd like to have just the book to do it in.

That's not so far off, all in all.