Alice Dryden (huskyteer) wrote,
Alice Dryden


On Friday I went to a recording of Bridget Christie Minds The Gap, one of a series of four feminist comedy programmes to be aired on Radio 4 next month. I hadn't heard of Bridget Christie (it was a pal-with-spare-ticket scenario), but on learning that she had done a show called War Donkey I surmised that I would probably be amused, and I was.

While walking up Portland Place I saw he who was Dave in Drop The Dead Donkey, looking exactly the same as he did then. I remembered finding him quite fit at the time; then I remembered that pretty much every male cast member (with the exception of slimey Gus) had something to recommend them in that department. Then I remembered that when the show aired, I was a teenager at a single-sex boarding-school.

On Saturday I saw The Captain of Köpenick at the National Theatre. Written in 1931, set in 1910 and based, I now learn, on a real case, the play is about a newly-released prisoner with no identity papers and thus no official identity, but also about German militarism and fetishisation of uniforms. There were certainly some fine uniforms on display, not to mention excellent moustaches, and a wholly unexpected ending I loved and won't spoil.

Sunday was a london_bookswap at lsugaralmond's place. As well as her offspring, one of whom is also called Alice, so I got to be Big Al for the morning (not something that has ever happened before), I met the lovely elderly cat Molly, and of course several lovely and book-focused adults. I left with fewer books than I brought, which I feel shows enormous strength of character.
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