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Portrait Illustration Maker

A Winning Idea

Dorset, the county of my birth, has an amusingly-named river, the Piddle. (A couple of villages take their names from the river; Piddletrenthide has been immortalised in The Meaning of Liff.)

Cashing in on the joke, the Piddle Brewery produces a range of Piddle Beers made using water from the river: Jimmy Riddle, Leg Warmer, and a special edition for the Tank Museum, Little Willie.

Passing another Dorset river, the Win near Winfrith Newburgh, on Saturday, I was struck by an idea: why not use this water for brewing, too, and market the resulting beer as 'Made of Win'?


And, of course, then you'd also have to make a beer called "Epic f-Ale".

Er, wouldn't you?
FTW! Literally.
You are a genius!
Hah! You should suggest that to them. :)
Might be free beer in it! (I don't like beer, but hey, free beer...)
I don't like beer, but hey, free beer...

Heh, I'm with you there — I don't like it, either! (A German who doesn't like beer? Impossible...)
Well, I'm a Brit who doesn't like tea!
Oh! That's even more impossible! :)
Speaking as someone who knows about the the urethral swab technique used at VD clinics, Wyre Piddle is the most leg-crossingly awful place name related to the River Piddle.
As it happens, there is also a Wyre Piddle Brewery. It doesn't seem to be quite as, er, inventive with its beer names, though. ("Piddle in the Wind", for example.)
It's funny - I've never liked the name 'Wyre Forest' either. It makes me think of the 'bones and wire' bit in Watership Down (as I think I've said to Logan before).
Oddly enough, I've never made that association, so it doesn't bother me. There are worse alternatives, though: the forest contains both a Breakneck Bank and a Doghanging Coppice!
'Breakneck Bank' sounds like something Calvin & Hobbes have named after their sledding exploits!
Ooh, they could use that for a beer name too! Very avant garde!
Made of Win would be awesome!

Also, I still have the Little Willie bottle by the way!

I do like that one! Better than the Jimmy Riddle bottle, anyway.