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Don Quixote

What I Found On The Internet Today

One of the best things I've ever seen on Tumblr: The Kitten Covers, album covers recreated with kittens. All of them are cute and funny, while some, like Love's Forever Changes, are superb graphic design as well.

[This is my favourite, though:]

Fab.com is annoying in that it requires a login before you can view its products. These literary T-shirts from Out Of Print Clothing, let me assure you, are worth it. I like Fahrenheit 451 and The Maltese Falcon but the one I'd consider shelling out for is Harry the Dirty Dog. I'd forgotten all about this book, only to experience a surge of recognition and affection when I saw that distinctive cover:


I need that T shirt!!!!!!
Acquisition is critical, agreed!
I'd totally forgotten about that book. Love.
Unusually, I can't remember any of the words, just the storyline and those lovely pictures.
Item's got Harry the Dirty Dog and I'm pretty sure I had it as a kid.
Also, omg kittens!
The squeefulness is terrific!
I adored that book as a child. I'd totally forgotten about it until just now! Acquisition is a definite must, I'd say. :D
It's funny how some books stay in the conscious mind and some hide away for years!
Ooh! That reminds me, they sell those t-shirts in Blackwells too and I've been meaning to get one. I don't remember seeing 'Harry the Dirty Dog' though.
If they have the limited edition Don Quixote one I may have to pay a visit...