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Plush Huskyteer

Day of the Wolf

You know those days when you accidentally dress like a werewolf?

[Just me, then?]Day of the Wolf


Very silly :-)
But also very warm!
Oh, that's adorable. I love that sweater! :)
It was a Christmas present from my mum :)
Oh god you dork. <3
Guilty as charged!
Awesome! :-)
That's fantastic! =:D
Hee, glad it amused you!

(As I said to my sister when she showed me her new dinosaur pyjamas! :) )
I know, no tail, rookie error!

Tell me more of these dinosaur pyjamas!?
Oh, I like, I like a lot! Have seen a similar flying-squirrel and been very tempted!
And perfect for this time of year too, what with the weather *and* the full moon. :D
Love it!
I thought the weather made me do it, but maybe it was the moon all along!
I'm loving the jumper!
It is ace, innit?
It most certainly is! I wonder if there's a lion version...

Animal knits are definitely In at the moment, so you might be in luck!
Fantastic! Quite made me smile, this morning :)
For a Monday, that's an excellent result!