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Husky Airways

Pilot Error

A year or two ago, slightlyfoxed and I were frustrated in our attempts to watch a recording of Cabin Pressure, the Radio 4 sitcom about a budget airline, by underestimating its popularity and how early the queue would start forming. (Because attendance is free, the BBC dish out more tickets than there are places to ensure a full house.)

This time, I turned up at the former Drill Hall at 11:45 (doors were 12:30, recording 1:30) to find the queue already down the road and round the corner. When my companion and I reached the door, they had filled all the guaranteed seats and were dishing out numbered stickers for standbys.

This turned out to be a good thing, though; we could go off and have a sandwich and a chat, rather than spending an hour corralled in the waiting area, where there are never enough seats, and we got in, and we got to sit together, and we got a good view of proceedings. High-fives were exchanged when the producer announced that the BBC had received 17,000 applications for tickets.

And what a pleasure it was to watch a small, tightly-knit cast established over several seasons interacting with each other, both in and out of character! I went in slightly resenting Benedict Cumberbatch, on whose massive popularity I blame my failure to get in to the previous recording, but have to admit he has a previously unexpected delightfulness when seen in the flesh.

The new series starts on Wednesday. I, for one, will enjoy it even more in the knowledge that one section of dialogue took four or five tries because Stephanie Cole messed up a line first time round and declared "Oh fiddly arse!", rendering Benedict Cumberbatch, who had the next line, unfit for purpose for several takes.


17,000! Egad. That'd fill 1/5 of Wembley Stadium!

"although as Carolyn points out, MJN Air is not exactly an airline. You cannot put one aircraft in a line. If it’s anything, it’s an airdot." *grin* Okay, I'm sold. Would I be able to join painlessly at this point, or ought I start with the first season?
I'm pretty sure you could jump right in once the new series starts. There are usually one or two episodes on iPlayer, too.
I'm so glad you managed to get a standby seat, because I forgot to warn you to get there early, and would have felt VERY guilty if you'd missed out!

I'm also glad you couldn't hate Benedict in the flesh! Despite the madness that must surround him, he seems like such a sweet, straightforward bloke. Bless.

Also, last Wednesday I went to John Finnemore's tryout-in-pub-without-star-cast performance of the "Y" episode, so I know what the conclusion was, and imagine that the audience reaction was probably similar to ours, only much MUCH amplified...
Ooh, that must have been fun!

BC is quite the method actor, which is very sweet to watch when it's for radio and nobody else is bothering!