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Bloody, Bold and Resolute

(By the below I mean resolutions for the year 2013, not that I have 2013 of 'em. Good grief.)

[2013 resolutions]
  1. Edit. Writing is fun. Editing is like pulling your own fingernails out. But it needs doing. My goal is to smarten first drafts into passable second drafts (which make some sort of sense, characters have the same name throughout etc) which I can then, gulp, show to people for feedback.

  2. Write. 2012 has been very much about the furry writing, and I want to keep that up. But because furry publishers have actually been wanting to publish me, I've rather neglected other markets I want to crack, like women's magazines. Let's get back on this one.

  3. Sew. I've had a beautiful cross stitch kit for years that I've been too scared to start (it's an image by Jon Van Zyle, the Iditarod artist) because it's so large and complex. No longer!

  4. Floss. I signed up with a new dentist who has informed me that if I floss my teeth every day, my annual checkup could be reduced to an eighteen-monthly checkup. I hate flossing but I also hate dental checkups, so that was a pretty big carrot to dangle.

  5. </ul>

    With that lot, 2013 looks like being the Year of Sore Fingers.
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