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Mallory Park

Happy Christmas To Me!

I have done a thing that is perhaps not terribly sensible for someone without a job, and bought a new bike.

It's been on the cards for a while; my Gilera GP800 was becoming increasingly unreliable, to the point where I dreaded riding it in case something terminal occurred.

A couple of weeks ago I test rode Honda of Bournemouth's Integra demo bike, which was for sale at such a good price that I decided in advance to buy it unless I absolutely hated it or was physically unable to ride it.

Fortunately neither of these things came to pass, and on Saturday Howard gave me a pillion ride through the floods to pick it up. (That was...interesting, but we remained upright and arrived mostly dry.)

It's a bit different to anything I've ridden before as it's semi-automatic, with gears that change all by themselves in auto mode or with push buttons in manual mode. I'm having to learn a new set of riding skills, and I'm loving it.

New bike!


Fancy!! I hope you enjoy it :-)
Thanks! I'm glad I've got a good break to get the hang of it before trying it in London.
Christmas presents for yourself are always the best kind! I'm sure you'll be still having happy miles on it when your unemployment is a distant memory.

I'm unsure of the 'scooter' tag-word, because it does look remarkably un-scooter like.
Heh! According to my rule it's a scooter because I like the way it looks :) It doesn't have footpegs or a tank in front of the rider. But folk on the scooter forums can argue all day about whether or not something 'counts'.
Congrats! :) Have fun with it.
Thank you! I hope we'll share many adventures.
That looks lovely and shiny!
24 hours on it's plastered in mud :)
In lovely-but-currently-wet Dorset, on the road that runs along the coast near Abbotsbury.
Yay, that's terrific!
It's a looker all right! I'll try not to break it.
Ooh! I sort of want it, and I'm not licensed to operate any motorised vehicles whatsoever. I hope you enjoy it hugely.
It is quite a thrilling beast, isn't it? Thank you!
Badass and ecstatic :)
I don't know a thing about bikes (do they have two wheels or is it just one?) but I know a darn cool bike when I see it. And that one looks just amazing! A very nice buy indeed! :D
It is super cool. I must admit, 'does looking at it make me happy?' is pretty high on my new bike checklist, and this one passes.
Ooh, that's quite something! Have lots of fun! =:D
Thank you! I'm glad I've got a lot of free time at the moment :)
well you need to get about!
Merry Christmas! (-8
And to you!
Excellent stuff!

Looking good there too - the bike as well! ;-) I wish you many happy miles!

PS Can I use your logic to justify my getting something with a V8 in it, please?
You need to find an offer you can't refuse on one :) Look forward to showing it to you in person!
That looks really cool, but I have to agree that scooter isn't the first word that springs to mind. :)
It looks faster and more reliable..looking forward to more travelogues!
I certainly hope I can rediscover the joy of riding for the sake of the ride, with this one!

Edited at 2012-12-25 08:03 pm (UTC)
Good grief.. that looks positively badass. Just need Morgan Freeman riding pillion. =:D
Heh! I think Timothy Dalton would be my pick.