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Happy Christmas To Me!

I have done a thing that is perhaps not terribly sensible for someone without a job, and bought a new bike.

It's been on the cards for a while; my Gilera GP800 was becoming increasingly unreliable, to the point where I dreaded riding it in case something terminal occurred.

A couple of weeks ago I test rode Honda of Bournemouth's Integra demo bike, which was for sale at such a good price that I decided in advance to buy it unless I absolutely hated it or was physically unable to ride it.

Fortunately neither of these things came to pass, and on Saturday Howard gave me a pillion ride through the floods to pick it up. (That was...interesting, but we remained upright and arrived mostly dry.)

It's a bit different to anything I've ridden before as it's semi-automatic, with gears that change all by themselves in auto mode or with push buttons in manual mode. I'm having to learn a new set of riding skills, and I'm loving it.

New bike!
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