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Casino Royale

007 Inch

Yesterday I read venta's post about mystery parcels, reflecting that, indeed, unexpected presents in the post are lovely. Little did I know that a mystery parcel of my very own would be waiting when I got home!

It was a large, square, stiff envelope, and I initially concluded that someone had sent me an especially elaborate Christmas card. But no - miss_newham, who works In The Music Industry, had sent me a 7" single of the Skyfall theme by Adele!

Thank you ever so much - it was a lovely surprise, and I have filed it with the rest of my 45rpm Bond collection.

(You didn't think I had a collection of Bond singles? Fools.)


Yay! Unexpected parcels (however mysterious) are ace.

Especially if it's something well-chosen - I wouldn't have been very excited about the Skyfall 7", but it sounds like miss_newham knew what she was about :)
(You didn't think I had a collection of Bond singles? Fools.)

I'm not surprised you do. :)

How lovely to receive mystery packages with surprise gifts, too! ^^
45 rpm? That must make for quite a high access time. =:)
I still love the one for Live and Let Die :)
Not one I possess, alas, but I do have View to a Kill with a circular hole in the sleeve so you can see Roger Moore on the record label!
Quite frankly I would have been disappointed if you didn't have such a collection!