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Husky Airways

Hush, Kit

I was delighted to come across an 'alternative' aviation blog called Hush-Kit, with the mission statement 'reminding the world of the beauty of flight' and a quote from J. G. Ballard on the About page. The gap between my discovery of the 'My Favourite Aeroplane In 200 Words' guest column and my dispatch of an email requesting bagsies on the Saab Viggen was as negligible as you might imagine.

My 200 words were accepted and have gone live; you can read them here.

For the air- and literary-minded among you: the editor is eager for more favourite aeroplanes in 200 words, as well as articles on other aviation subjects.


Well, I know almost nothing about planes, and I enjoyed that a lot, so I hope that's a good sign. If felt like more than 200 words' information, but without feeling like more than 200 words, if you see what I mean. I also hope you were responsble for the "likes well-built Scandinavians" sign-off! I'd personally rather have had thumbnailed photos, since they do overpower the text, but that seems to be the blog's house style so I guess it's what readers expect.
Ha ha, yes, I debated my tagline for a long time before settling on that one! And thank you! (I read some of the previous columns and some seemed to cram a huge amount of info in, while others were more touchy-feely.)
Need to think of some more subjects now!
Affectionate and eloquent.

I'm so going to have to think of something to say about the Supermarine Walrus. But I think I'd have a hard time doing such a good job with just 200 words.

Edited at 2012-11-29 04:09 pm (UTC)
Mine was too long, then too short, then exactly 200 words. And then the editor changed 'RPG' to 'roleplaying game', which was really annoying :)

And definitely do the Walrus - I look forward to reading it.
Heh... it's up. That was quick!
Fantastic - lovely article!
Hmmmmm...... 200 words on a famous aviator? XDMuwhahahaa
They do top ten lists too. Top Ten Sexiest Luftwaffles?
*snickers* I'd be drawn and quartered for that sort of thing. MUwhwhhahaa.