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This IS me (by schwitters)Default


My Custom Userhead expired, so I popped over to renew it and gosh! there are many more options available than there were a year ago! I spent a long time deciding whether to be a spy, a biker, a pilot or a kitten (looking scarily like my mood theme huskies, there).

I went for biker in the end, as it's nicely drawn and I could easily be a spy/pilot/kitten under that helmet.



Why limit yourself? You could be a spy-pilot kitten!
I like the way you think!
What's all this 'could' business?
Mine is up for renewal and I am debating whether to stick with Elwood Blues (it's actually a spy, I think) or not!
Oooh I've just checked my email and I see you got me a Stig userhead! Thankyou! *hugs*

I needed that - made me feel better after todays motoring mayhem!

Haha, you're welcome! I forgot you had one already, so I'm glad it arrived at the right time :) Couldn't resist!
Your timing was inadvertantly excellent!
The biker userhead is quite nice. :)

I still wish LJ would allow you to upload your own, too.
Yes! It would hardly be a huge drain on resources, given the size of them. Or we could self-host, as with custom mood icons.
Yeah — I really don't know why they won't allow it. Maybe they're concerned about inappropriate images or the resources needed to screen for them, but OTOH, they're charging money for these userheads already.

I know I'd get a white wolf one if I could. I'd pay for it, too, but LJ doesn't seem to want my money. :)
Years ago someone did some custom furry userheads, but you had to 'cheat' by styling link+image+username to look like an <lj user="x"> tag.
Those were rosequoll's. :) I used them on occasion, but eventually got tired of having to generate the necessary codes all the time, not to mention keep track of who should get which userhead to begin with.

However, if LJ would pay her a handsome sum in exchange for the right to import these and make them officially available, I'd not complain! :)
Doh, yes, of course they were! She did this icon of mine :)
Ooh. :D That's a cute one!